Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day.  Both my husband's and my families were touched by the two world wars, my father-in-law was particularly badly effected.  Most of our personal memories of relatives involved in those wars are rather sad.  In some ways I would just like to forget about those wars. However, whether or not I believe war to be a solution to world problems, those wars happened and there are wars still happening around the globe.  This year I am deliberately choosing to pay tribute in my prayers and thoughts to those who so willingly sacrificed themselves for the sake of whatever cause they were and still are fighting for.  Some causes I support more than others, but all the fighters have beliefs in something they deem to be worth the possible loss of their own safe circumstances, their sanity, their very lives.  May God be with you all in whatever way God is with all those who are willing to take the lives of others and give up their own lives for the sake of their cause.  I find the very concept of war mind boggling......

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