Monday, November 14, 2016

Some Days Turn Out Even Better Than Planned!

Our plan to go to Moose Jaw today hit the skids late this morning when my husband called the car dealership to make sure our paint pen had arrived and discovered that due to a long weekend shipping error, it won't be in until tomorrow.  Aaaaawwwww, shucks!!!  We were both disappointed to have our plans crumble before lunch.  Although there was a chilly breeze blowing, there was also a fair amount of sun at the time and we love being out and about in its shining presence.

However, we quickly came up with an alternate course of action.  We ended up taking a 7 km walk instead, right here in the city.  The first half of our walk brought us to the elderly Regina restaurant instutition known as Nicky's.  It has been run by a Greek family for the past 35 years and it is like an old fashioned diner, but with a Greek touch here and there on the menu.  The Greek salads looked quite delicious as they went past to other tables, but we settled for other items.  We were expecting quite a salt and grease festival after looking at the menu, but stayed away from the breakfast foods and were pleasantly surprised.  My husband had an egg salad mix on a croissant to which he actually had to add a bit of salt to bring out the flavour. For a side he ordered fresh fruit.  The grapes and bits of apple and pineapple were delicious, but, this being the prairies in the winter, most of the fruit was chopped, underripe, tough and tasteless melon....blecch!  He left most of it on his plate.  I had a Greek style burger with feta and tomato and tdziki that came in a pita and was quite tasty. The only salt I was aware of was in the feta cheese.  The owners grind and season their own hamburger on site and the patty was tasty without making my lips numb from added sodium.  That was a lovely surprise.  My salad was.......well, it was okay.  It was filled with the typical brown lettuce that graces our city this time of year more often than not, but the shredded carrots, radish slices and rounds of celery made the salad appear more attractive and edible.  For some reason though it just wasn't that wonderful.  I don't know why that is.  It looked fine apart from the bit of brown lettuce and it had all the right ingredients for a tasty salad...with the bonus of no tomato to contend with...and yet, it didn't quite work for me.  I had some Greek dressing in a little cup on the side and it was very tasty.  In fact it had sufficient dill and garlic I barely had to touch the tines of my fork to it in order to flavour the salad bits.  I would give the place a 65% on the food and about 50% on the decor, most of that being for the wonderful sound tile panels in the ceiling and carpeted floors...despite the carpet being rather faded and ratty, that and the ceiling tiles created fabulous accoustics and tables right beside each other were unable to do much eavesdropping on the patrons closest to them.  Love that!  The service was excellent and the prices certainly in line with what we had for food.  When we went to pay at the cash register it was like entering a pop up sales booth.  There were fresh cinnamon buns for sale...great huge things so of course my husband purchased 2 of them, haha....there were bottles of olive oil, bags of Greek herb mix, small cookbooks and books about tea blends, bars of specialty body was too hilarious!!  Nicky's is a glorified truck stop but has so many regular patrons we barely got a table for lunch despite its vast interior.  I can't imagine any other restaurant in the city was that packed out at noon on a Monday!  We will take our son there for breakfast over his Christmas break here as he loves to have a big, greasy,  diner breakfast a couple of times a year.  We had low expectations of the place but were pleasantly surprised for the most part.  We also expected the place to be filled with seniors, but there was every age of person there.

In fact, sitting right across the aisle from us was our former neighbour gal and her boss.  We didn't notice her at first, but she recognized us and greeted us most cheerily.  Her little dude just turned 2 years old. O how I miss him!!  Sounds like the 2 of them are doing very well. She looks happy and that was certainly a blessing to see after the upset of her split from the baby's father.  It was a real treat to see her!  Thank you Lord!  We have been wondering for months how she has been doing.

After lunch we launched into the second half of our walk, heading several blocks farther west to do some tea shopping in Ceilidh Surprise.  They carry the wonderful Barry's Teas.  My husband bought 2 boxes of loose tea to bring home and I just had to have a little purse pack of tissues with a tartan print on it similar to our family's Graham of Montrose least as far as the dark colours used. Cute!

So, I have learned how to nurse my aching thigh muscle and still healing hip along on these long walks: take a decently long break nearly exactly half way along the route.  It is exciting that finally that large front thigh muscle is building back up and is not aching nearly as much or nearly as early as it has been doing ever since I broke my hip over  a year ago.  It must be adjusting finally to the big pin head that has inflamed it all this time.  I was limping slightly for the last 1/2 km or so, but the bit of an ache was nothing compared to what I have been feeling up to now. YIPPEE!!!!

So, now I have had a rest, a drink of water and 1/6 of a huge cinnamon bun.  AND it seems like we should be doing something else now for the rest of the day to keep the momentum going until our favourite Canada's Worst Driver show comes on tv tonight at 9pm.  Walking SO energizes me that after a rest I want to keep going!!  Filling the next 6 or 7 hours until bed time with anything either particularly fun or  useful seems like it is going to be difficult to do.  We have chili leftovers for dinner in the refrigerator so there isn't even any cooking to do....drat!

Well, off to discover how to fill the rest of my day so I am not bored and fretful!  My husband is happily ensconced on the sofa watching a tv show about the Dieppe raid, so I don't think he is going to have any ideas to assist me in finding something interesting to do.  I guess I will have to get creative on my own.

Hopefully tomorrow is our Moose Jaw day as the daytime high temperatures begin taking a plunge after that.  I still can't believe our current weather:  November 14 and not a flake of snow or chip or ice anywhere on the ground.  AMAZING!!  How grateful am I?????

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