Thursday, November 24, 2016

Success! Thank You God!!

Yes, I survived my errands run!  In spades!!

The roads are not too slippery at the moment and will not likely be until my airport run tonight when the temperature drops below zero once again.  It will be okay....even in the dark...I have confidence now...more or less.....

Of course when I got to the first bank, there was a power outage in that grid and the bank was closed until power could be restored, so off I had to travel even farther to the next closest branch.  At least the bank machines were open there, so I was able to do most of my business. Then on to bank number two, farther away still.  People were actually driving somewhat sensibly this morning on the patches where there was a bit of slip so that was reassuring.

After doing what needed to be done I really got brave!  I drove to the nearest mall to seek out another small giftie or two of the edible kind for my parents. I found a couple of tasty looking nut bars at Laura Secord.  It may not be the highest quality chocolate (Bernard Callebaut why does your local outlet have to be in an area with such impossible parking??) but I know what my parents like and these fit the bill.  I was disappointed to discover only a couple of extra mall pop ups thus far into the season, but DID find a wonderful treat for myself:  an on sale, perfect sized, amazingly cute little artificial Christmas tree!!  God bless the sweetly dibbled Canadian Tire outlet.  How often have I walked into that sea of mishmashed looking bins of oddities and stumbled into exactly what I am looking for??  

I have been wanting to get an artificial tree, despite my husband's objections to them, because I hate the idea of having a real tree destroyed for the sake of my having the privilege of vaccuuming pine or spruce needles off my carpet for a month every December, plus I am desperately cheap about such things and the cost of real trees is vomit producing to my tightly closed fists.

So, my husband will just have to grin and bear it for my sake.  With his family arriving here in about 10 days time for an early Christmas celebration and our son showing up on the actual Christmas Day for the first time in over a decade, I am GOING to have CHRISTMAS!!!! in all its tawdry, over the top, decorated silliness  Yes, I AM!!! So there!!!

This day has improved vastly since the last post!  I had an email from a local friend who is in Vancouver with another mutual friend and it was fun to hear about her adventures.  I not only survived but enjoyed my little drive around the city (fear based adrenalin will do that, I suppose) but I have eaten 2 sugar free filled with peanut butter and one with raspberry cream and I am not going to tell you the exorbitant price I paid for them.  No, I'm not!  My tight fists are always willing to spread themselves open just a wee tad for a bit of sugar free chocolate.  (Okay, so it is really "no sugar added" and there are alcohol sugars, but I can eat a couple of them every so often and today I did.)

Now, if I can just enjoy the rest of my day before the trip to the airport all will be well!! My husband should be on the way to the St. John's airport, as I am writing this, to catch the first leg of his flight into Toronto.  How I pray he has his usual success with flights being on time...although with a mid day start in heavy rain, he may not be so blessed this time around.

Well, time to sit back and figure out when I will now be able to eat my lunch since I ate my little chocolate snack so late into the morning.  Maybe I did myself a favour. If my husband's flight is on time up to a half hour late, it is possible that with a late lunch and a small late afternoon snack, he and I could eat our dinner together when he gets home.  One good thing about diabetes is that it forces me to think ahead about food and meal planning.  

Time to go uncrate the new tree and get it set up....somewhere in the general vicinity of the living room...eeek...where will that be????  Should have thought of that in advance the same way I have to plan meals....aiiii yiiii....where the heck am I going to actually put the crazy thing?????

And to my American buddies:  HAPPY and JOYOUS THANKSGIVING!!!

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