Monday, November 21, 2016

Ta Ta Once Again Dear Husband

WOW....5:15am seems so early when it is a wake up time and not a time to be drifting back to sleep after reading half the night away! haha

Got my husband to the airport before 6am for his 7:30am flight and that was a good thing. The lineup through security was staggeringly long for our tiny airport and of course, as per usual, there was some hold up for my husband while he had an extra body search, had every last item in his carry on inspected and turfed all over the security table.  Don't know what it is with him.  He is not the "long haired hippie" he once was.  He is a nearly elderly, bald, sedate looking individual and today he is particularly well dressed.  Every time....EVERY time he goes through this while I am standing outside the security area, bobbing up and down on my tiptoes trying to peer around all the other passengers in line so I can see what is going on with my husband.  Finally he cleared security, gave me a cheery wave and headed toward the restaurant for a bit of breakfast.  Hopefully his connection to St. John's at the Toronto airport will be on time and he will be on time to board it!

I am most grateful that the freezing rain and snow that was predicted for overnight did not materialize.  Other than a bit of a cold wind, driving to the airport posed no problems.  I was even able to get home before the morning rush hour traffic built up along my route.  My night vision is not the best, but I did just fine.

Oooh...did I mention breakfast a few sentences ago?  Hmmm....that empty, bottomless pit feeling in my stomach must mean it is time for me to go and eat my own breakfast!

Once again I neglected to make any plans for myself in my husband's absence.  Busyness, denial that I would be here alone again, exhaustion and you name it all interferred once again.  Suppose I should pick up the phone and call a few folk, but I feel so very lazy.....will see how it goes....

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