Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Went To the Animal Fair....oops, I Mean the Farmers' Market!

We went about a half hour after it opened at 9am, hoping to find something for my parents that would be fun, possibly edible and easy to mail, but we were rather disappointed in our quest.

Only about half the usual vendors were in attendence today and of the ones present more than 3/4 were selling either fresh vegetables and baking, which of course cannot be mailed, dreadful locally produced wines, or glass jars filled with jellies and pickled what-have-you's.  While everything looked delicious and my husband succumbed to the lure of fresh parsnips and various homemade breads and jellies, there was little that would be of use or interest to my parents.  I was able to get dad a nice pair of warm, alpaca wool socks for his constantly chilly feet and a pair of wool boot insoles for myself, but not one thing for mom did I see.  I hemmed and hawed over a pair of lovely woollen mittens for the cold days when she must be out and about, but I am not sure if she would have an allergic itch to that much wool, so didn't bother to get them.  They cost far too much money to take the risk.  So. I guess I know part of how I am going to fill my time on my own next week: searching for just the right gifts to complete my parents' Christmas treats.  At least it will be fun looking.

I think the vendors were rather disappointed as well in the small crowd of people there this morning.  Don't know if the drop in temperature is responsible for our now rather spoiled selves simply not wanting to get up and scrape frost off car windshields, or if people are waiting until closer to Christmas to get their gifts and meal supplies, or if the amount of disposable income for many folk has dropped sufficiently that they are preferring discount grocery stores for their veggies and baking until things improve.  It seemed rather odd that so few people were taking advantage of local and area vendors who had some excellent items for sale.

I dropped my husband off at the office afterward so he can get in a day's work attempting (for the fourth day in a row this week) to get some past due filing done.  He will be there all day tomorrow as well to try to get at least part of that job completed.  So many unscheduled meetings came up this past week, neatly filling in the gaps, between originally scheduled meetings, that he had planned to use for filing.  The job continues to grow in scope...not only for him but for all the office employees.  Talk about an impossible task, but they are struggling onward with hope for the future.  He has decided to use any Sundays he is not preaching at a church or troubleshooting or presenting weekend seminars working in the office since it is a work day for him one way or the other. I am glad my  church meets early enough on Sunday mornings that he will be able to come with me sometimes before he has to go to the office.

I am now in the midst of doing my husband's laundry for his trip next week.  The warm air from the dryer and the nice hot water steaming out of the washer are moisturizing and heating this dry, chilly suite.  I do enjoy doing laundry on colder winter days.

Tonight we are taking the Bishop and wife for dinner...only about a year after we started planning such a thing....hahaha.  See, it all gets done.....eventually!  What a crazy life!

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