Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What I Got!

Here is a short list of what I got today:

-a bad chill
-a possible relapse on the throat infection/sinus problem
-a reminder of my husband's and my old age from our baby faced waiter at dinner tonight ("Oh, you could certainly go to that new sports bar in town. I see lots of elderly people there!")
-a delicious Cobb salad for dinner, minus the bacon bits and a fork with which to eat it. (My husband had to flag down two different waiters to get a rather important part of his own order.) I didn't complain about the missing bacon as I don't need the sodium or fat!
-our "new" vehicle! Yes, at long last! The insurance company was swamped when we all arrived in Moose Jaw to trade vehicles and they almost refused to take us (again) because another fellow ahead of us had an even more time consuming process to go through than we did, but I told them it was our second try getting this done after a long drive into town and I was not leaving until it was. Hmmmph! They took us and were still able to close their doors and go home right at 6pm! Thank you Lord!
-a big dose of gratitude for the completion of the vehicle transaction at long last
-another big dose of gratitude to God that I was able to refrain from slapping the aforementioned baby faced waiter for calling us "elderly"!!

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