Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who Are You Really Protesting Against People???

I watched with interest and some degree of horror the news coverage of the American protests against President Elect Trump.  The horror came as I realized that what these generally well meaning and passionate folk are actually protesting against is their fellow Americans who voted Trump into power....more polarizing actions against their own people. I suspect that as the attitude of our southern neighbours grows in volatility, these types of protests against the actions of those who voted differently than the protesters is actually sowing the seeds of civil war.  There is a rise in protest through the Black Lives Matter movement, a resurgence of the KKK, the aboriginal folk are making noises similar to our own aboriginals, although they are not presently getting the media coverage our aboriginals are getting and on and on it goes, movement after movement.  At what point will all these special interest groups explode into more violence that draws in those who are not part of any of the movements, all of which are supposed to be proposing better justice and more rights for each people group represented?  Our continent is in a state of flux and I am wondering what the outcome of all these protests is going to be for all of us.

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