Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter White

So, we do indeed have winter weather now. We only got about 5cm of snow overnight, but it is still drifting down from what will likely be a good 3 months of perpetually steel grey skies, the slight breeze adding a somewhat eerie look to the movement of the dancing flakes as they rain down, getting larger and thicker as the morning progresses. According to the forecast we will be plugging in our car block heaters overnight by this coming Sunday evening as the temperatures drop to a more seasonal level. The snowfall should taper off sometime tomorrow and begin again in earnest next Sunday and Monday. Finally....real winter weather is here.

Looking out the living room window the sight is rather pretty, in a treacherous sort of way as some of the vehicles outside on the street are having a slippery time navigating the curve in front of our place. I am quite grateful our building is as far from the street as it is. If a driver was to over steer that curve and end up on the lawn, there is a decent stretch of open space to get stopped on to avoid hitting our place.

So now of course, after all my griping about the geese, I am in panic mode that all the younger geese here who have banded together and not flown south are going to starve/freeze to death. The lawns are completely covered in snow, the birds are squawking and flapping wildly about low in the sky, but not settling on the now snow covered expanse of feeding ground they have become accustomed to. Okay stupid woman, stop worrying about the birds!

My husband's cold is worse today, although he does not have the bad 'flu' symptoms with it I had. No fever, headaches, overwhelming muscle aches or vaguely queasy tummy problems are accompanying his cold. I am glad of that. His cold is severe enough on its own. I am hoping tomorrow will be his worst day for symptoms and then he will be in recovery mode. He doesn't want to miss more than a day of work and neither of us wants to miss out on having family here on the weekend.

It is chilly in here despite the furnace blasting away. Guess I will take a hot shower and put on warm sweaters and thick, smooshy plush socks!

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