Friday, December 23, 2016

27 Hours Until Our Son Arrives!

O gosh oh gee, do you think perhaps I am just a tad excited about his arrival??? haha

My husband is showing the slightest signs of improvement this evening as he battles onward with his cold and cough.  This morning I played Santa Claus at his office, delivering his gifts to his co-workers and receiving the presents they had for him.  It was good to see everyone, but I refused the invite to stay for the staff party because my husband was so very upset that he was unable to attend himself.  No point rubbing his face in it by partying without him.

I had a few last minute Christmas errands to run this morning, but got to the housework an hour or so before lunch.  Just like yesterday, my trips to the various malls and stores and banks was no headache as far as crowds....there weren't any!  Even the grocery stores didn't have many more customers than usual on any other Friday.  It was shocking actually.  I hope business has been better in the afternoons than in the mornings or we are going to see the demise of a few more retailers after a drastic cut in sales for this year's Christmas season.  Sigh....the economy is SO bad here at the moment.

It is going to start snowing soon.  The temperatures are going to take another bit of a dip for a few days and I will have to plug the car in again tomorrow evening.  Tonight on the phone our son asked for advice about what sort of clothes and outerwear to hilarious to be asked about proper footwear from a fellow who, as a teenager, wore sneakers with thin, or even no socks ALL winter long! 

So I am praying my husband will be able to feel well enough by tomorrow evening to handle the preaching and other duties at our church's Christmas Eve service. It is well beyond too late to get anyone else, not that anyone else is available and I don't think our Bishop is as lax as some we have had in other dioceses, who didn't freak out when I took the occasional service when Dell would be ill or absent for some good reason at the last minute. hahaha  O MY I have been bold in times past....officiating and preaching at Anglican services with nary so much as a lay reader certificate for training.  teehee  Rebel that I am.........  Well, good grief, I am certainly capable to some extent.  I wouldn't dare pull that now!  I wonder what would have happened in our lives if I had insisted on going to seminary when my chance came instead of handing over the money to my husband to go instead?  I don't regret it at all as he has been SO happy the last 10 years, but I am curious nonetheless.  Wouldn't it be fun to have an "It's a Wonderful Life" experience like Jimmy Stewart's character had, but from a positive point of view instead of a negative, regretful one?

Boxing Day is the next service my husband is supposed to preach at.  The service is taking place at a different church than we attend.  The priest there is my husband's good friend.  After the service we will eat dinner with his family and also with the family of another priest who was my husband's honorary assistant in our last parish.  Should be a good evening.

The next night we are invited to friends' in Moose Jaw who love our son so much that the husband in the family was trying last year to be a matchmaker between our son and his youngest daughter.  hahahahaha  It wouldn't be a good match.  BUT kudos to him for trying his level best.  hahahahaha He was a successful matchmaker for his oldest daughter and wants his youngest to marry a man he loves as much as he loves present son in law.  Apparently my son fits that particular category.  SOOO CUTE!!!

We have so many gift cards for interesting restaurants at the moment that it is going to cost us very little to wine and dine our son during his visit.  hahaha  Not that I am cheap mind you..........  Okay, I am sort of cheap..........

I got a fair amount of deep cleaning done in this suite this afternoon and evening.  I have one small bedroom and hallway, plus the bathroom left to finish in the morning.  I am going to cook the Christmas yams tomorrow and will have to do another quick shop for some more baby potatoes and salad fixings to take to Monday evening's dinner event.  It is nice to be busy and feeling better than I have been since the middle of October.

Today I received a lovely card and note from a cousin in Montreal who I haven't seen in about 20 years.  As I get older, slowly but surely a few relatives I never had any relationship with before are getting in touch occasionally.  It is quite lovely for me to feel at least somewhat connected to a few folk out there in the world.  I was such a lonely kid, no ties to family, few friends who could relate to my life, bullied like crazy.  Being an older adult ROCKS!! hahaha

Well, I am going to go now and play one of the new games my husband put on my new computer games....I never have played many of those, but I am enjoying one or two of these. They will be great "go to's" for days when I am too exhausted to do anything more constructive.

Merry Christmas everyone out there.

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