Wednesday, December 14, 2016

-37C Never Felt So Good!!!

I am even pleased that the bus was late this morning on my way downtown and I got to stand out in the winds and cold, enjoying every moment of it.  Feeling as housebound here for the past few days as I did in our last town of residence has not been a good thing for me.  Being alone at home for more than a couple of days in a row is still causing a bit of an emotional overreaction, but this too shall pass.  I do not live there any more, isolated out in the country, I live here in a small but vibrant prairie city and life is good again.  When I can get out and about it is particularly good.  

My haircut turned out very well.  My shawarma chicken salad for lunch was delicious and it was fun window shopping and saying, "Nope, don't need this...nope, don't need this..."!  What a great feeling.  I wondered years ago if a day would ever come when I could say such a thing. In retirement we may return to the old financial debacle, but right now we are enjoying our lives, enjoying having no stress about how to pay the basic rent, utilities and groceries and enjoying being able to have a few treats like eating out a few times each month, since that is literally the only source of entertainment we share together.  Our interests are too different to have any other ongoing sources of mutual entertainment.  That is why I love eating out: we do it together!  I don't begrudge one penny on restaurant meals with my husband, not one penny. Some of our best visits happen over a plate of fish and a bowl of salad.

My husband needs some ironing done so I am off to do that now. The sun is shining brightly on the ironing board and it looks so cheery from up here on the second floor of the suite where I can't see the ice and drifting snow on the roads and sidewalks.  O happy day!!  Thank you Lord!!

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