Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Relaxing Morning

Other than an hour or so of lying awake reading in the middle of the night, I had a decent sleep.  In fact my husband and I both slept in until 9am.  It felt good.  We are both feeling able to face the day with a certain amount of joy.  His cold seems to have  lightened up a bit at last, so we are both grateful for that.  Now he will have to force himself to continue taking it easy for another 2 or 3 days while he continues to recover and regain his energy for work.

No news from dad yet and it is about 11am where he lives, so I assume there is no news for now. He is going to visit mom this afternoon and then will call me when he gets home.  For now I am assuming no news is good news, as in there has been no significant change for the worse in her condition.  Dad took a sleeping pill last night to get caught up on his rest so I hope and pray that worked for him and he had a peaceful night.

After our late breakfast, we took the Christmas tree apart, stripped off the decorations, shaped out the branches better and then I redecorated it properly.  I cut many of the long strings off the decorations. Now that we don't have a full sized tree they don't need to be dangling so low, weighing down our little Charlie Brown tree and looking silly.  We had a lot of fun doing something that was "just for fun".  There is never much fun going on when people are ill and there are the attached emotional concerns.

Today I think I will focus that part of me that doesn't want to stop worrying at least a bit onto our son and his lung problems.  He sounded just terrible on the phone yesterday, hacking and coughing and clearing his throat again.  Hoping the walk in clinic near his home is open today so he doesn't have to go to the emergency waiting room at the hospital that is also near his home.  It is so grungy and overcrowded it is difficult to get the kind of thorough exam needed for people who are not immediately in need of assessment.

For now, I am heading to my keyboard to practise the choir songs for the United Church choir I am supposed to be singing in tomorrow morning.  My husband is going to attempt to do a short sermon and officiate the service at one of our local parishes who presently lack a priest of their own.  With the way he has been feeling and the problems with his throat I think the congregation will be able to continue to revel in their former priest's habit of only preaching for 10 minutes. We loved their former priest's preaching admontion that sermons should be about Jesus and about ten minutes! hahaha

We got a call last night from a dear friend in Alberta to let us know his very elderly father, a spiritual mentor for my husband many years ago, passed away earlier this week.  Another loss of a dear person beloved by all who knew him. 

And now, just this minute a call that one of our parishioners here in the city had a severe stroke yesterday and is in very bad husband should not be carrying this cold into the hospital to visit...what to do....aiii yiiii.....

It is just a crappy time of year for elderly people, this winter season.  Sigh....

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