Monday, December 26, 2016

A Sad Christmas For Retailers

I have a number of friends who manage various types of retail businesses and it has been a bad time for most of them. Sales projections for this year's Christmas season were way off target, with total sales at least 33% lower than expected. Some of the sales for tech products were closer to target but still did not reach expected goals. It is a frightening economy for retailers of all kinds. Here in Regina I expect we will see more single proprietorships and some of the chain store outlets closing down in the next few months. Disposable income is dropping sharply for many people as the cost of groceries, utilities and other necessities continues to rise.

Our son laughed and laughed when we told him our rent is now two hundred dollars a month less than when we moved in as our management company struggles to keep these suites filled. He lives in Vancouver, land of ever increasing accommodation costs.  He couldn't believe our rent has been going down instead of up!  What a blessing for us on my husband's somewhat meagre salary.

It will be interesting to see how the economy here in Saskatchewan fares over the next couple of years.

Our son has been creating scarves using paint on thick cotton. They are really interesting and he has been able to sell them for a couple of hundred dollars each. Right now he is preparing ways to photograph them properly so he can try selling them online. He has decided he will spend up to three more years living as a starving artist type but then will pursue full time employment curating or teaching, using more of the skills he has acquired over the past nearly twenty years. It is encouraging to hear about his plans and goals.

This morning my breathing is much better. It is only my sinuses still bothering me. The meds seem to be attacking the lung problem with gusto and I am ever so grateful!

Time for breakfast. I think that good turkey dinner finally sparked a return of my appetite! I am actually hungry this morning. Maybe a turkey sandwich would be a nice change from the usual oatmeal? Ooooh yum......

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