Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Warming Trend

Yes, it is possible to occasionally believe the weather forecast a week or more in advance and I am choosing to believe, for the most part, our current long term forecast.

Apparently by the end of the weekend we should see a few days of daytime highs soaring into the -2C to -11C range for the better part of a week....o please God, let it be.  I so want to believe it!!  hahaha  Prairie winters are starting to take their toll on me and I would appreciate a let up of this deep would most other people across the country.

One good thing about the uber cold windchills is that they should kill off some of the viruses and bacteria that plague us without these occasional weeks of extreme cold.  There is always something good about such things, right?

I am looking forward to another excellent day AWAY from home again today.  This afternoon I am going to a school concert that my friend's son is singing in, then my husband, myself and the rest of his office staff and spouses are heading over to the home of our Canon of Education for a dinner and a "good old fashioned" evening of praise and worship.

In an Anglican context and with this particular group I do not yet know what their idea of such an evening is going to turn out to be. Most of the folk who will be there are over the age of 40, so will we be singing the Anglican equivalent of '70's and '80's praise choruses?  Will we be singing old Vinyard and Brian Doerksen numbers?  Will we be singing any songs my husband and I have actually heard of before?  It should be a lot of fun finding out.  Our Bishop is an excellent guitarist and who knows what other musical talents we have not yet had the pleasure of listening to among the staff families.

This morning I am focusing on the warming trend that should be arriving as the present polar vortex prepares to move on. YAY!!  Tomorrow morning there are errands to run and then another weekend of music begins, the last before Christmas.  I am so grateful that I should be able to participate this time around and make use of all the rehearsing I have been doing between bouts of illness.

The cold air rolling off the window right beside me is so intense I am going to finish this post later.  I am freezing cold sitting here......brrrrrr....whoever thought a single pane window with a permanently embedded summer screen was a good idea for a place like this?  O, wait, I is the same people who have not replaced the insulation in the walls in the last 50 years, nor the ruined carpets on the floors. hahahaha Aaaaaah, the wonderful world of quickly I forgot! 

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