Monday, December 26, 2016

An Interesting Receipe For Making Cocktails

Our son brought us a copy of his gallery's most recent publication: a small book of cocktail recipes by artists who have connections to the OR Gallery.  I have his permission to post his own most creative effort because it is a great read! hahaha

Which Way is This Way Cocktail?
--Eli Bornowsky

Generate a list of 6 random numbers between 1 and 8 ( The first three numbers represent a number from the Hard, Liqueur, and Mix/Garnish lists, below, respectively. The next two numbers represent which measurements from the measurement list to apply to your Hard and Liqueur selections, and the final number represents how much to add from the Mix/Garnish list selection. The sum of the 6 numbers may be used to determine how many guests to invite to your party. Further randomizations may be generated to determine, for example, how much to stir, what type of glass, and how often to repeat.  Errors in the algorithm represent opporunities for subjective choice in the recipe.

HARD:                                        MIX/GARNISH:
1. Scotch                                   1. Soda
2. Rye                                       2. Ice
3. Bourbon                                3. Fruit
4. Tequila                                  4. Sugar
5. Gin                                        5. Juice
6. Vodka                                    6. Mint
7. Rum                                      7. Cherry
8. Cognac                                  8. Olive

LIQUEUR:                                  MEASUREMENT:
1. Berry liqueur                          1. 1 oz
2. Creme liqueur                        2. 1 1/4 oz
3. Flower liqueur                        3. 1 1/2 oz
4. Herbal liqueur                        4. 1 3/4 oz
5. Honey liqueur                        5. 2 oz
6. Nut liqueur                            6. 3 oz
7. Fruit liqueur                          7. equal parts
8. Coffee liqueur                        8. free pour

From: Artist Cocktails Volume 1, 2016
Published by OR Gallery, Vancouver BC


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