Friday, December 9, 2016

And So....My Mother......

....has pretty much returned to life as she knows it.  She arrived home from hospital on Tuesday, 3 days ago, exhausted, still in pain from the acid reflux, discouraged, name it.  The hospital staff told her that if it had actually been a heart attack she had come in with, the level of pain alone told them she likely would not have survived it. 

So, until the discovery that it was not her heart, we certainly did have good reason to be terrified for her.

I didn't call her on Wednesday, at her request that she and Dad would need a day to just sleep and relax.  I waited until yesterday.  I called in the morning but she wasn't home. Dad said she had gone grocery shopping with a friend.  I called in the afternoon and she answered but said it wasn't a good time to talk because she had company, so could I call her back in a couple of hours?  I called back in a couple of hours.  Dad answered and said she had gone downstairs to the dining room for Happy Hour.  She finally called me herself after dinner last night.  We had a brief chat to ascertain that she is doing just fine.  She filled all her stomach medications at the pharmacy yesterday and had the chart up on the wall that tells her what to take when.  She briefed me on alternate possiblities for meds if the current regime does not work. She was cheery, thrilled to be alive and back at home with her husband and friends.  Then she suddenly had to go.  A tv special she had been looking forward to seeing was coming on.

Hohoho...Merry Christmas Mom!  Very, very happy you have your life back and I do hope there will be time for you to do the relaxing your doctor says you need to do. hahahahaha  I am thrilled for you!!  Welcome home!

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