Thursday, December 22, 2016

Awwww, NUTS!

(This email is brought to you by my new computer and keyboard that my husband bought me for Christmas....yippee!!)

I have discovered the cause of some physical symptoms that began nearly a month ago and have been freaking me out because they are similar to allergy symptoms I had when I had the life threatening reaction to the oral osteoporosis med over 3 years ago now.  

It was my husband who figured out what was actually going on.  I have been keeping a food journal JUST IN CASE and in hopes my symptoms were from a cause different than a reaction to my new meds.  As we got reading through it a few days ago he pointed out to me how many nuts I have been eating every day for several months now:  almond milk for breafast, (which I dearly love), peanuts at noon and sometimes for a bit of dessert at dinnertime.  Nuts...every day....more than once...for months....yeah.........too much fat...way too rich for my liver and kidneys....yeah.........not good!

So, for the past 3 days I have not eaten any nuts or had anything to drink that is made of ground nuts.  Result: in the past 48 hours I have not had one symptom. Since they began they have been slowly worsening day by day and I have been tempted to despair.  I was so afraid I was having indications of another medication allergy. If I go for 2 more days, nut free, with no return of the symptoms then it is likely we have come up with the problem.  It is easy enough to go back to drinking a cup of 2% cow's milk with breakfast instead of the carb free almond milk.  I am so disappointed to have to do that, but I pretty much have to in order to keep my calcium intake where it needs to be in the mornings. The regular cow's milk has a bit less calcium per serving  unfortunately, as well as a full carb unit of which 12 of 15 grams is sugar, but I survived well drinking one cup each morning for the better part of 3 years prior to making the switch, so I can do it again.

No more fatty nuts in my diet, that is for sure.  I have learned a good lesson.  Daily nut intake = unhappy liver and kidneys. Point taken! 

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