Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bits 'n' Pieces

We know it has been cold here because when we woke up this morning to ONLY -20C with a windchill of ONLY -28C we were greatly rejoicing!!  hahaha  My husband headed off to Estevan with a couple of colleagues for church and vestry meetings, feeling quite good about the change in the weather, hahaha.  My husband knows how to travel in the winter. The car is packed with dried food and water, wind pants, shovel, candles, first aid kit, extra coat and hat, boots and mittens, a bag of gravel in case he gets stuck and needs to put gravel under the tires for traction, ropes, battery charger, oil, antifreeze, windshield antifreeze spray, gasoline can, flashlight...if anything does happen he could last for days in that car! hahaha 

Last night I enjoyed my annual Christmas phone call from the one cousin I have been able to keep in touch with all my adult life.We can chat for hours and last night we certainly did that!  Having a family connection apart from my parents is a great feeling and other than this gal and one other cousin I hear from on occasion, I haven't had much of that in my life.  Yay cousins!  Yay telephones!!

My Mark's Comfy Robe is now laundered and curving comfortably around me as I sit here blogging.  I have looked for years for a robe this comfy that didn't cost hundreds of dollars and good old Mark's hit the jackpot! 

Mom is doing very well. Dad has calmed down about it all and for the moment all is well with the family.

Our son has been writing zen style poems and we are encouraging him to collect them and pursue the possibility of publication. They are actually very good and some of them are quite witty.  He is a good writer when he puts his mind to it and I hope he gets more chances to explore that aspect of his giftings and interests.

I have the dopey, fuzzy headed, slightly nauseous symptoms today, but the cough has lessened.  Mostly I just feel like I have been run over or kicked by something very heavy and I think I am going to go and lie down with a light novel to read. No doubt I will be asleep before too many pages have passed before my eyes.  So, not sure what this latest respiratory disruption is actually all about, but hopefully this too will pass so I can sing in our concerts next weekend.

I am supposed to be going for a haircut on Wednesday morning....I am praying so much that it will still be possible.  I have banking that will need to be done as well and if I am capable of taking the bus to my hair appt. I can avoid having to get the car started and fiddling about in the cold trying to get it road worthy. All the banks I need are within 2 blocks of the hair salon.  It is a perfect placement for me of all the businesses I could ever need apart from the absence of a grocery store. One thing about downtown Regina is that it is extremely compact in terms of shopping and restaurants.  

I should be ironing right now.  There is quite a buildup from the past couple of weeks despite having so many clothes that do not require ironing. However, the bed beside my computer desk is looking pretty comfortable and inviting at the moment.  The light novel is all ready sitting on the bedspread...the pillow is plumped up...the overquilt is folded on the end of the bed, ready to be pulled over my feet and knees.....yeah...time for a short read and a long nap!     

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