Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Braggin Up My Own Son....and No Apologies For It!

The Georgia Straight newspaper has had an ongoing positive relationship with my artist son over the years and the writer of the article attached to the link below was most complimentary about his latest works on display as part of a big group show presently at Vancouver Art Gallery.  I am pleased to see these encouraging words. Thank you Georgia Straight!


If the whole article is more than you want to wade through, here are the lines relevant to the proud mom:

"Some of the paintings here are mated to sculpture, as seen in the work of Eli Bornowsky and Colleen Brown, or to sound, in the work of Jordan Milner. Bornowsky has created some of the most energetic and engaging art of his career, a series of painted and embellished constructions that riff on the geometric (or perhaps primordial) form of the circle within the larger project of abstraction."

I am hoping that once the show is over he will post photos of these new works on his website: 


PS the site is supposed to flash...there is nothing wrong with the site or your PC.

Since I didn't send out a traditional family Christmas brag letter this year, this blogpost will have to do.  hahaha Thank you for indulging me on this one.

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