Friday, December 16, 2016

Dying Technology....etc.

My beloved but elderly PC is on its last legs.  My husband spent his days off last week fixing a few problems, but warned me to prepare myself to need a new one very soon.  I guess he is the past 2 days I have been getting odd error messages onscreen and the high speed fan comes on after less than an hour of using the computer, continuing to run for hours.

I was hoping this one would last until February when I could afford one I actually want, but I don't think this one will last more than a few more days or so. Sigh....

I am the third owner/user the poor old thing has had, so it isn't a surprise it is dying, but I will miss it because it has been so easy to use.

The father of a dear friend of ours died somewhat unexpectedly 2 days ago.  'Tis the season, I am afraid.  That is 2 deaths in the past week.  Christmas will be particularly difficult for these families in the future.  Very sad.......

It is so bitterly cold outside today that I almost gave up running my errands this morning before I even started.  If my husband had not called and requested I drop off some items at his office, I would have tucked myself inside a giant blanket on the sofa and spent the entire day right there.  I am grateful though for my husband's call. It forced me to get dressed and get going.  I have so enjoyed being outside the past few days and really, despite the cold, I am glad I went out again this morning.  I am keeping myself very warm and dry when I go out and so far my lungs are clear and my sinuses dry.  Hallelujah!

By early next week we should be getting at least a temporary break from the low daytime temperatures and horrendous windchills...may it be so!

I found 3 pair of proper old fashioned knee socks at Mark's today. The prices were fairly reasonable so I picked them up to wear inside my wool lined winter boots.  I had no idea it would be so difficult to locate something as simple as knee length socks, but apparently they went the way of the dinosaur a few years ago.  Again, thank you Mark's!  These are soft and thick and protect my legs from itching when I have my woolly boots on.

The bag of apples I need to cut up on Sunday afternoon for that evening's choir concert has been purchased, as well as 4 disposable bowls for the fondue stations we will be manning at intermission.  I apparently will be working in the kitchen again, cutting the bags of warm, melted chocolate and pouring it into the fondue pots. Wonder how much chocolate I will be wearing home this year? I don't think I could beat last year's chocolatized clothing fest!!

Last night my husband and I went to the home of one of his colleagues for a simple dinner, followed by an evening of singing older praise and worship songs and prayers.  It was delightful.  We were a small group and I always like that.  The dinner was takeout oriental from a place not far from our house...think I will go and give the place a try.  There was a delicious coconut chicken curry dish with lots of onions and a smattering of green and red pepper strips that was most delicious. I would ask for it to be hotter though...our host deliberately asked for a non-spicy version, probably a good idea for most of the group, but my husband and I prefer more herbs and spices to be added for good, hot flavour. For dessert there was homemade baking.  My husband glommed onto a minced meat tart before anyone else had a chance to get near the plate, haha, and I was delighted to be able to have the most wonderful butter tart I have ever had.  Between the dessert, rice, almond chicken batter and sugar in the curry sauce, I am adding up at least twice the number of carbs at that dinner than I am ever allowed to consume at that time of the day.  O well....sin at length, repent at leisure....that was my motto last night.  It was so wonderful to be eating a tasty meal I didn't have to prepare myself that I ate rather a lot....of everything available.....  I was surprised how well the Argentinian Melipal Malbec went with the oriental food, but it truly did!  What a wonderful evening out...great food, fun visiting and then over an hour of singing and praying together.  AND I stood up the entire time to help my blood sugar at least a tad...better than sinking into a soft couch immediately after such a dinner.

In the afternoon I was at a different kind of musical event.  It was the Jack MacKenzie School Christmas pageant.  It was SO much fun.  The music teacher there has the coveted gift of making every single child from Grades 1-8 engage fully with whatever they are doing: singing, dancing, playing instruments...yes, it was typical "kid production" fare, but there wasn't one child who wasn't performing to best ability.  The teacher is an amazing woman who drew an awful lot out of the usual rag tag groups of kids with the entire spectrum of musical and acting (dis)abilities.  It was amazing to watch the kids responding to their music.  I specifically went to support my friend's son who is on the autism spectrum.  He actually volunteered, all on his own, to audtion for the grade 7/8 choir and was accepted.  He is a gifted performer and his heart was truly in it.  It was such a joy watching him on the stage doing so very well.  What an encouragement as well to his parents to see the new activities he is capable of doing.

So yesterday was a pretty good day....I was out most of the day! hahaha  Today I don't mind hibernating at home for the afternoon after my chilly morning of running errands.  One more utility bill to arrive by  next week sometime and be paid before Christmas. Then the monthly "chores" will be complete.

It is only 9 more days until The Son arrives for the holidays....YAY!!  It is only 9 more days until my husband has the entire holiday week off work...AND I don't think he is even on call for anything that week this year.  YAY!!!

Tomorrow morning is the set up and dress rehearsal for our Amici choir concert, then the performance happens on Sunday evening. I am looking forward then to a break from things music for about three weeks. I suspect I will miss the first rehearsal in the new year because of being in Kelowna that weekend, but it shouldn't be difficult to return for week 2. I definitely won't be behind on the music!

SO, blither, blither, I think I will go and find something cozy to curl up in the aforementioned big blanket with a book!  I don't have to start making dinner for over 2 hours yet. YAY!

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