Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Getting Back to Normal....Whatever That Is.....Hohoho.

What a nice day today!  I had all day to visit my husband and son, get some tidying done around the kitchen and relax when I needed to. For two hours I played a video game....TWO HOURS!!!  It doesn't get more relaxed than that! My son went down the street to the nearest internet cafe to get some work done for a few hours, my husband stuck to his guns about not doing one single thing today that involved work or other people in general so he could relax and all in all it was a satisfying day leading up to my first foray out this week.

My husband was too exhausted to go with us, but my son and I had a lovely dinner at Lancaster Pub.  My Surf 'n' Turf small plate was as delicious as the first time I had it and if my son's chicken burger and caesar salad were not gourmet, they were both darned tasty, the chicken burger patty so thick he could hardly get his mouth around it.  The price was relatively reasonable, the server a bit slow but very personable, we got to sit rather on our own right beside the beautifully decorated Christmas was quite a lovely way to step back into normal life.  Thank you God I was well enough to be out for 90 minutes, surrounded by lively people, noisy music, twinkling lights, visiting with my was very special.  We had a deep conversation he and I.  Good "stuff"....

When we arrived home the three of us decided to rent director Tim Burton's latest: Miss Peregrine's School For Peculiar Children.  Okay, I admit it, I was all prepared to hate every minute of it. That is not a comment indicating I think Burton lacks talent. He is talented up the whazoo, I just don't always enjoy the content of his movies because the themes or characters are not of great interest to me.  It is just a matter of liking other things, not a negative critique of his work.  As it turned out, I really enjoyed this little show.  It is the closest thing to a kids' movie I think I have seen from him, although the wee kiddies could be scared witless by the monsters, but over all it is most watchable by folk of all ages.  The sets and costumes and digital effects combine well to present a coherent and visually beautiful programme.  Of IS Burton after all.  It had a far lighter touch of morbidity than many of his other works, although I was grateful for what there was because it prevented the movie from turning into the typical sappy kids' fare.  There were some witty lines and tiny but interesting camera angles and visual cues that could easily be missed by "Burton Virgins".  If I know a movie is a complete fantasy before I start watching it I tend to enjoy it more than something that starts out leading me to believe there is going to be a realistic and serious story line....hardly a problem with any Burton I appreciated the film from pretty much the very beginning.  The only possibly realistic events in the movie happen in the first three minutes and from there on I was lost in a crazy, unbelievable world of adult monsters and child heroes.  There were many subtle and not so subtle presentations of social and political issues, but I decided on first watching to just enjoy the story itself.  Next time I watch it I will keep a better ear and eye tuned for the "moral of the story".  

So, a great evening....dinner and a movie. Haven't done a lot of that recently.  Enjoying some entertainment with my son made it all the more special.

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