Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Getting OUT!

Yesterday was a fabulous day! I went grocery shopping! Outside my own suite! In the cold! In the blowing snow and big, cold wind gusts! Out! Out I tell you!

Ooooh, it felt good!

This morning I am about to go OUT again!

The windchill is -37C, so I will be dolled up like an Arctic Penguin, but I don't care.

And why do I not care?

I don't care because I will be getting out. OUT! Glorious, wonderful, unrestricted, unrestrained OUT!

It doesn't matter that I am not going anywhere exciting. It is just fine that my foray into the winter deep freeze is only for the purposes of getting my hair cut and accomplishing a couple of banking chores. It only matters that I am breaking from the confines of this suite.

O yippee, skippee, transit bus here I come...on my way OUT!

(and yes, my lung congestion is nearly gone so stop worrying surrogate moms)

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