Sunday, December 25, 2016

Giving Myself Permission

Ooooooh myyyyyy...I have not been this ill on Christmas since I was 15! In those growing up years I was laid low every Christmas, year after year, after year. One of my proudest accomplishments as an adult has been feeling healthy and energetic on Christmas Day. Guess I will now have to give up bragging rights! Drat!!

It is nearly 3 pm and I have been lying in bed since 11am feeling weak and woozy from a combination of the infection and the powerful meds. I feel like I have run into a wall headfirst.

For lunch I forced myself to drink a cup of hot milk and eat three crackers with three thin wedges of Camembert, because that cheese is the only thing I can taste today.  Blecch!

However, on the happy side of life today, my men have completely taken over cooking the Christmas dinner. It smells delicious in here with the delightful mix of onions, fresh sage, chopped celery and parsnips. I did manage to hobble downstairs to sweep the kitchen floor and make sure the rarely used dishwasher only contains dishes that will not break, haha. Okay, I admit it: once OCD always OCD, haha.

I have given myself permission to tell the guys I likely will not accompany them to the Boxing Day church service and dinner, plus I have decided I will likely have to skip the dinner with our dearest friends in Moose Jaw the following day, the clothes shopping expedition and all our other plans. Wow, that removes all the stress. If I do get to do anything it will be a bonus!

Actually I think it is good for the guys to get a few days on their own. It rarely happens and I think it should happen more often.

Okay, so that's enough blogging. Time to lay down and feel wretched again for awhile.

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