Saturday, December 24, 2016

Got Me Some Good Help From the Clinic

I ended up at the walk in clinic when it opened at noon today.  I got there 15 minutes before it opened and joined the line up of folk all ready standing outside the locked door.  Bless that dear office manager Lord who opened the doors a full 10 minutes early and started taking our information right away so that we didn't have to stand outside in -20C, coughing, limping, sneezing, crying and what have you.  The doctor on call is my own doctor's husband.  It was nice to meet him and he is most efficient.  I was fifth in line, was seen in record time compared to other clinics I have been to on a weekend, got my prescription filled at the pharmacy next door, did my last minute shopping for Boxing Day's dinner and was home in well under 2 hours.  I am so very grateful for that.  Now I can take an hour to rest before cooking up the yams for tomorrow evening's Christmas Dinner.  YAY!!

I am so happy about the newer penicillin based anti-biotics because I can take penicillin without allergy problems.  I take it rarely and so it does help a lot to break the cycle of these crazy infections.  I am trying to remember the last time I took an anti-biotic but I can't as it has been quite awhile.

Thank you Lord for good doctors who come from all over the world to practise in Canada.  We would be in a terrible bind in this country if not for them.  My doctor and her husband are native east Indians, trained in South Africa and wow, they have certainly benefited from that excellent South African medical education.  

So, here's hoping that the penicillin works as per usual and that I will be okay now.  My husband knows that if he develops any gravitation of his own illness down into his chest he is to see the doctor immediately and get help so that our trips to Kelowna and Calgary in January will not be in jeopardy.

Time for a nap!

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