Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Tastes Change (subtitle: I Won't Be Missing Pizza Anymore)

For the past nearly 3 years I have been craving pizza, one of only a couple of ongoing cravings for foods I shouldn't eat because of diabetes.  In that 3 years I have eaten approximately 4 small slices of pizza, all within the first year of diagnosis.  So, no pizza for the past 2 years.

Tonight I was dreading having to once again make dinner for us.  We have not eaten out in weeks because of one or the other of us being too ill to get out of here. After drudging through dinner after dinner with a mask over my face to prevent sneezing and coughing into the food, I didn't feel like I could face it again tonight.

About the time I hauled out a pan and the food chosen to cook, my husband called to let me know he was back in town and bearing a delicious pizza for our dinner if I could have even a bit of it to share with him.  I decided I would have it, good for my diet and diabetes or not and he decided his cholesterol was going to have to suffer for one night. The pizza was an excellent one, left over from the meal he shared with the others at his luncheon meeting.  I warmed it up and we dug in, both of us making the health concession of taking significantly smaller amounts than we ever have before.  

Aiiii yiiii....what a disappointment!  As I chowed down into a slice of what truly was a great pizza, all I could taste was sodium and fat.  The high cholesterol cheese had the texture of road tar in my  mouth and the bit of salami and pepperoni that were on it were like consuming chewy, salty lard.  O my...was there something wrong with this pizza we had not noticed before trying to eat it?  Apparently not as my husband thoroughly enjoyed his special high cholesterol treat.  

I finished my portion because I was too hungry to go scrounging up anything else to cook, but I have learned a valuable lesson:  stop worrying about giving in one day to pizza temptation.  I all ready have, tonight, but it is unlikely to ever happen again.

Lean chicken and fish, extra lean beef and steamed vegetables, salads and multigrain breads with no sodium margarine and reduced fat cheese have become the favourites of my taste buds.

At this moment, an hour post pizza consumption, I feel like I want to stick a fire hose down my esophagus and wash my insides out!  I feel like I have a lump of lead in my tummy.  I feel like I never want to ever eat anything that is bad for me ever again.  Yeeeeecccchhh!!  

What a shock!  Pizza is awful.  Who knew????

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