Friday, December 2, 2016

I Gotta Stay Healthy Here!!!

Turns out Mom spent all night last night and most of today in emergency before there was a proper bed ready for her in the cardiac ward.  Dad was able to speak to her twice today and she sounded upbeat despite the seriousness of her condtion.  My mother has no fear of death...something that I am trying to cultivate for myself to the same degree.  She has NO fear!!

Dad is hanging in pretty well all things considered.  He had a solid 4 hours of sleep after his shower this morning and went downstairs to the dining room this evening, having his supper with his tablemates and getting in some visiting.  Oh how I thank God for the move into this seniors' residence a year ago.  If my parents were still living on their own...oooh, I can't even think about it without feeling nauseous!

The nurse Dad spoke to after his last conversation with Mom was encouraging. She said Mom had a long sleep today after her busy night of lab tests and as Dad was about to hang up, Mom was sitting up reading her novel and relaxing.  She had some pain this morning but it was brought quickly under control, thank goodness.

She saw two specialists today. One said she definitely had a heart attack and the other said she definitely didn't, it was a serious warning of clogged arteries or whatever. Sigh.....well, the angiogram is supposed to happen tomorrow and that, Lord willing, will tell the team what they need to do next.  May stents and meds be useful in keeping her alive and active a little longer, since she has refused open heart surgery.  

I am still in shock about this entire situation, but am coming slowly back to earth.

Dad just called to say the huge Christmas gift box I sent to them arrived this afternoon.  It is so big and heavy he had to balance it on his walker to get it to his room. hahaha  Assuming Mom recovers and can come home it will give her a bit of joy to have a few nice presents to open when she is up to it.  Cheer is a good thing after a scary health event.

My husband had a terrible day with his cold virus and had to cancel his attendence once again at important meetings in the office, as well as important regional meetings out of town tomorrow.  I did volunteer to drive him when we thought he might still be able to make it, but now am just as glad he won't because there is freezing rain all over the highway along the route. Whew!!  Thank you Lord we are not going!  He will go to one of the local parishes for a few minutes of being "St. Nicholas" in a special service they are holding early tomorrow evening and has his brief sermon prepared for a morning church service at one of our churches on Sunday morning.  I am guessing he will be back in bed after that for another day and a half of recovery.  At this point he is so antsy to get out and do something that a couple of small events may actually perk him up a bit.  

Our son phoned to check on his grandma and he is on the verge of bronchitis or pneumonia again now that his latest cold is in relapse phase.  I am nearly as freaked out about him as I am about my mother.  Since he was so desperately ill 3 winters ago with pneumonia, his lungs have never been the same and are susceptible to every illness he gets.  He was heading home from work for a nap before having to make an appearance at Vancouver Art Gallery for the opening of a group show he is in: it sounds interesting. It is a tribute to 40 well known and popular Vancouver artist. He counts himself most privileged to be among them.  Hopefully he will be sensible and get himself home early enough to sleep through the night.  I am so grateful he has a walk in clinic near his home that has stood him in good stead for his colds and lung problems.  

So I am surrounded by very ill family members, 2 of them live very far away and that is unnerving. It makes me feel completely helpless.  For people who can afford to just fly around the country whenever they please it must be a tad less terrifying, knowing they can get to loved ones at any time.

Such is life.  I need to stay healthy in case I do find myself airplaning hither and yon to assist other members of the family!


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