Monday, December 12, 2016

I Love You Sweetheart, But.....AAAAAARRGH!

I am killing myself laughing right now. hahahahaha

My DEAR husband, in one of his few attempts to be sneaky, has proven himself incapable of pulling it usual.  hahaha

Just before lunch I finally got around to getting his dirty clothes sorted on the laundry table.  Generally I just turn the basket over and pull items from the pile, but fortunately I didn't do that today, just pulled each item from the top of the overflowing basket.  I was wondering how on earth he could have so many dirty clothes when he has only been at work a few days since the last time I did laundry.  Welllllll, it didn't take me long to find out.

I had 2 small loads started for him when I pulled 2 pair of jeans out and put them in a separate pile.  As I was putting the jeans down on the table with one hand I was absentmindedly pulling the next item from the basket with the other and thinking about something else all together more interesting.  As I looked at what I had just pulled from the basket I came back to planet Earth long enough to wonder what I was doing with an all ready folded, perfectly clean looking pair of undershorts in my hand.  I peered more closely down into the basket and saw 2 short stacks of equally well folded and apparently equally clean shorts, socks and teeshirts.  Why would my husband prefold his dirty laundry? What the......????

Suddenly the fog lights came on in my head:  of course....the sneaker hadn't bothered taking time to put away all his clothes from the last time I did his laundry!!  I remembered seeing that same basket with folded items in it just the other day in the bottom of his closet with a small pile of dirty clothes on the floor beside it, but by the time he arrived home from work I had forgotten to ask him about it.  I mean, he is an adult man person, capable of taking care of his laundry without me poking my nose into when and how it gets put away etc., right?

I guess I should have remembered, then gone ahead and asked him. hahaha  He called me from work at lunchtime and I told him what I discovered in his basket.  He got really quiet for a second and then, sounding chastised and most apologetic, confessed he had moved the still full basket into the closet from elsewhere in the bedroom the day he knew I would be cleaning in there, so that it would be out of my way....yeah....actually so that I wouldn't see that coming up to a week after I did laundry last time he still hadn't bothered to finish putting his clothes away and was hoping I wouldn't find out he was being so lazy.  hahaha  (oooh, yeah honey...being lazy about house chores....YOU???  Yeah...only the worst kept secret in our lives, hahaha)  He started putting the newly dirtied clothes in a pile beside the basket so that he wouldn't get them confused himself.  Then when I surprised him early this morning, fresh out of bed and all, by asking for his laundry to wash, he just grabbed all the clothes on the floor, stuffed them into the basket without remembering the clothes all ready in there were still clean and hauled the whole works to the basement.  

GOTCHA!  teeheehee snicker snicker guffaw guffaw......

The best part of our call wasn't my laughing at his embarrassment that I had discovered his deception, it was that somehow he managed to put the office phone on loudspeaker and it turned out he wasn't the only staffer sneaking in on a day off to get some work done.  Several others were all sitting around the lunch table eating and listening to our conversation about what he had done with his laundry, quietly doubling over with laughter until we hung up and they could tease him unmercifully out loud!  hahahahaha

When he gets home later on today he will find his newly filled laundry basket with a note on top of the clean clothes:  "please put all of these clothes away at the same time...thank you".
hohoho  I got one over on him this time, fer shur!!! 

An' it feeeels gooooood!!!  Teehee

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