Monday, December 12, 2016

Just One More Comment About my Mark's Comfy Robe and Then I Will Stop...I Promise....(sort of....)

The cool thing about the kangaroo pocket in the front is that it is just the right size to cradle the cordless phone so I can carry the stupid thing with me literally all day long, hands free and not have to go running about like a crazy person trying to find it every time it rings...the way I usually have to.........FANTASTIC!!

(Now all you chronic callers finally know why I sound  like I am wheezing like an asthmatic every time I answer the phone....the secret is out....I don't lug the blasted thing with me around the place being a slave to phone calls....until now that I can be as phone addicted as the rest of the population....all thanks to Mark's Comfy Robe!)

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