Saturday, December 31, 2016

Leaving Ahead of the Snow Storm AND My Other Favourite Family Tradition!

Our son was apparently fortunate to have that very early flight out after all.  We have received nearly 7cm of snow in the past 2 hours!  The first hour there was such a total whiteout of blowing snow we couldn't see across the street!  It is pristine in its white freshness, but will soon be spoiled by the traffic that will be passing by once people come to terms with the fact that their last minute groceries will just have to be purchased in a blizzard! Each week of December we have had a bit more snow piling up and making the prairies wintery like they should be at this time of year.  Our highway travels and flights are over for another week, so it might as well snow and blow for the next few days.  I remember all the Christmas weeks we spent on the highways to BC and around Alberta before our son was born and when he was a toddler.  It seemed we always made it away from our destination to return home about the time a snow or ice storm was about to arrive.  Only twice or three times maybe can I remember us driving into any sort of weather disaster on the way back. Mostly storms seemed to blow in behind us, following us along the route.  I am grateful our son's flight was not held up leaving because of this weather.

The other tradition we have instituted ourselves is one of our son cooking us one excellent dinner each time he visits.  Last night was the night to enjoy his menu of medium rare strip loin beef seasoned with sea salt, pepper and paprika, on a bed of arugula coated in rice vinegar and pepper.  It was accompanied by stir fried asparagus that was so delicious I nearly cried when I finished eating my portion.  As he said, it was simple bachelor fare, but a person has to know how to use even the easiest techniques and have good knowledge of herbs and spices to pull off something so tasty and so basic.  He gave me a wonderful explanation of how to cook a medium rare steak and I plan to pick up a strip loin next week and try it out before I forget or get too freaked out to even try it.  

So now it is time to take the rest of the turkey dinner leftovers from Christmas and get them in the freezer for future use. There aren't many left but I would like to be able to pull out a bit of turkey for sandwiches or a pot pie a couple of times over the next few weeks.  My husband is going to eat a final plateful for his lunch today, but I who can live on the same leftover foods for weeks at a time, have had enough all ready.  My taste buds are still a little off from the infection and nothing is tasting completely correct even yet.  

Good to be feeling so much better at last, although my head is still a bit thick from clogged sinuses.  Yesterday's shopping trip did wear me out completely but that just meant I enjoyed our short night's sleep and also that I was able to return to bed for 2 more hours of deep sleep after taking our son to the airport this morning. All in all I think I am over it, but will take good precautions for another week.  My husband is also getting over his symptoms at last and is thrilled to have ZERO committments for 3 days in a row now. He may rouse himself sufficiently to walk a couple of blocks to the grocery store for milk before it closes for New Year celebrations this afternoon, but I am not counting on it, haha.

I completed my round of medication last night so tonight I am going to have my glass of ridiculously expensive Williams Gin and a diet tonic.  I have waited over a week to enjoy that little pleasure.  I think only having the occasional drink is the best way to enjoy it. The taste is always fresh and delicious and is truly a treat.

Other than being ill, this past week has been wonderful thanks to the presence of our son!


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