Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life Goes On No Matter What the Weather!

Today has been the coldest day yet after over 2 weeks of deep freeze around here.  The windchills remained in the -40C's all day even though the actual temperature rose to a balmy -27C!  haha

However, life here doesn't stop for bad weather very often.  Only raging blizzards have the ability to bring a few things to a temporary halt.  My husband actually drove to work this morning after walking back and forth every day since the temperatures fell so sharply.  The early morning windchill was close to -50C, so he dropped me at choir practise before heading off to work, carrying a long extention cord to plug our vehicle into the office heating unit.  I am so grateful to have friends at choir who drove me home afterward.

We had our choir dress rehearsal today for tomorrow evening's concert.  It is going to be a lot of fun and I hope the fun we are having translates well to the audience so they can have fun too.  Those of us putting hot, melted chocolate into the fondue pots in the kitchen for the intermission will get a few minutes longer this year to accomplish it, since our story teller is telling his story at the end of the first half of the concert while we are in the kitchen covering ourselves and everything in sight with the gooey fondue. hahaha  How well I remember how covered in chocolate I got prior to the second half of last year's concert! hohoho!!  

Hopefully I will be able to make it to church in the morning.  A bit of spiritual encouragement will help me keep my energy up during the day for the evening concert.  After supper is NOT my best time to sing.  In this weather I am sleepy and ready for  bed by about 5:30pm and supper is an unwelcome intrusion at times into my doziness!!  

O dear Lord....speaking of supper.........time to cook again...sigh.....  Maybe I can convince my husband to brave the cold for a little bit longer after church tomorrow and take me out for lunch!  This cooking thing is starting to get to me!  Creativity with food is not my forte!  Bless my forgiving husband who will eat almost anything I put before him without complaint.  The man is a true gem!

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