Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas to MEEEEEEE!!!!!

My husband just arrived home from work....bearing Christmas gifts....for ME! THEY ARE A NEW COMPUTER AND KEYBOARD!!!  I am SO excited.  In a couple of days he will have time to hook everything up for me and get all my stored data onto the new machine.  OOOO excitement!

AND it seems I have purchased a new home PC monitor for my husband's computer as his gift from myself. hahaha  Sure does make it easier when he chooses exactly what he wants for himself and I just give him the cash reimbursement afterward.  

So we have both spent most of our Christmas gift money from my parents on each other and how much fun are we having this evening?  A TON!!!!  

O I am so grateful and so excited...teehee...did I say that all ready??

So, more old computer equipment to get rid of at electronic recycling in the coming week.  Always good to get rid of the husband has been stringing 3 ancient monitors together to get a screen wide enough for what he is doing and now he will be down to 2 of them, one placed horizontally and the new one placed vertically for scrolling documents.

Such simple gifts and simple pleasure that bring such joy!

Thank you Lord for joy!!

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