Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mom's Angiogram Is Scheduled for Monday

Mom has had only 2 short bouts of chest pain since her apparent heart attack Thursday evening.  She is resting, reading, napping and generally getting a huge break from care giving for Dad, who doesn't need quite as much of that as she wants to force upon him, haha.  He has help where he lives to get his eye drops in, his other meds are prepacked by the drugstore, a friend took them shopping the day Mom had her attack so he is well stocked with breakfast and lunch items and he remembered to look at all the utility bills yesterday and phone in the payments.  I am proud of him for being able to still do that when Mom isn't able.  Not sure how many times in a row he could manage that, but this time he did and I am so pleased for that mercy for him.

Mom and Dad had a great visit this afternoon.  He made it down to the guest shop to buy her a new book and a magazine to read, took her some clothes for when she comes home, etc.  He is handling this amazingly well thus far, but I am worried about how he will fare if something goes wrong and Mom doesn't come home after all.

Our son has called every day to check his grandmother's condition.  He is stunned by this event.  He has been very close to her all his life and they understand each other better than any of the rest of us understand either of them.  They are "two folks"!

Tomorrow I will call the hospital and try to talk to Mom for a minute or at least leave a message.  There will be time in between choirs/rehearsals.  After being inside this suite now for 3 days in a row without going anywhere I am starting to climb the walls and am looking forward to the church services and singing tomorrow.  Our own parish will be in shock and very saddened by the news of the bad stroke suffered by one of their members who was her cheery self at church last Sunday.  Such a lovely woman and she has a devoted, wonderful husband.  My shock over mom is nothing compared to what they are going through right now.  It is looking very bad for her.

Well, I am going to pull some dinner out of thin air now as the meat I took out to thaw has not done that.  My husband is at a St. Nicholas service, putting in his 8 minutes playing that part and I pray he isn't completely ill and exhausted when he gets home.  If he made it through and felt well enough to grab a plate of dinner the church is offering then I will make bacon and eggs for myself tonight.  I love having a slice or two of lower sodium pre-cooked bacon once in awhile.  It doesn't look that appealing, but to a diabetic it is a godsend of an occasional treat.

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