Monday, December 5, 2016

Mom's Coming Home Tomorrow

Dad just called.  He is cautiously excited about Mom coming home tomorrow.  She had about 30 seconds on the unit portable phone to let him know so he can arrange a taxi, so he has no idea if any more tests were done this afternoon or if she is now on her own to pursue the stomach issues.  He sounds beaten down tonight and I know he is worried that she is arriving home with possibly no diagnosis and no treatment in place.

I have now scared myself witless reading through old pamphlets on the possible outcomes of ongoing, severe acid reflux; information  that I got when Mom was first diagnosed 10 or more years ago.  My fear is that she has develped Barrett's, (the extreme result of GERD..Gastroesophagael Reflux Disease), the precursor to stomach cancer and that it is now so far gone that she will be too old for treatment....that is just my imagination running away with me because I had a terrible sleep last night despite getting up so late in the morning and being overtired is not good for my emotions.

So, I surely do appreciate all the prayers and concern expressed for mom by so many of you who read my blog.  I don't always realize just how many fabulous friends I have until there is some kind of crisis and I hear from all of you in a short period of time.  Bless you all and my mom blesses you all as well. She is so grateful that there are people she doesn't even know who are willing to spend their time in prayer for her.  

Yup, I have fabulous friends and aquaintances! I am blessed indeed!

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