Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mom's Emergency Angiogram Today!

After a most enjoyable morning at our own church service and then the fun of singing in the United Church choir, I came home and tried to reach my mother in the cardiac unit in Calgary.

I got put off by the unit clerk, I tried to leave a message for mom that it seemed the clerk wasn't going to bother trying to deliver, the unit nurse was with someone else and all in all it was kind of a disturbing and frustrating call.  So, after trying a couple of more times I gave up and went to community choir practise for the afternoon.

I just got home when Dad called.  He went to the hospital in mid afternoon to see mom and she wasn't there. She had been moved 2 floors up.  Having been through the same procedures and tests himself more than a few times at the same hospital, Dad knew that meant she had been given the angiogram all ready and was in intensive care for recovery.

Apparently she had a lot of discomfort in her chest last night so the specialist and surgeon decided that they didn't want to wait any longer and made room for her in OR today.

The results of the angiogram are both good and confusing at the same time.

The Good News: there is NO arterial blockage whatsoever.  She is free and clear.

The Confusing News:  there are a couple of possible reasons for the pain and discomfort, but no proof of either right now.  It is possible that for some reason she had an arterial spasm, OR it is possible that a piece of plaque broke off the side of an artery and is making its way out of her system as it goes through the arteries, causing pain as it moves.  Her constant and increasingly severe panic attacks that she has suffered with for years may also play a part.

So, where does Mom stand right now?

Tomorrow the cardiac team is putting together series of tests to attempt to locate internal bleeding, but if they find nothing else physically wrong she will be going home later on tomorrow, with the instructions to dad that if she has another episode like she had the other night, call the ambulance again and they will try to come up with other, more rare possible scenarios.

I am not sure how much I should relax at this point.  Dad is delighted she is likely coming home depending on the outcome of the internal bleed testing and I am too, but I do hope the 2 possiblities they mentioned are what caused the problem.  If that is the case she may never have another experience like she had the other night.  Or it could become something approaching a lifestyle.

None of us know how to feel at the moment.

Well, no angioplasty to get through so that is the good thing and that is what we are going to concentrate on.

O how the entire family appreciates your ongoing prayers while we sort out the rest of this.  

The grandson is going to have one whopping phone bill with all the calls he has made here and to his grandfather trying to keep up with what is going on with his beloved grandma.  As he gets older he has turned into quite the caring man when it comes to his family.  We are certainly enjoying how he cares for us all and hope we can express our concern for him as well and as often.  I also wish we could force him to get to the walk in clinic if he hasn't gone all ready. That family "tough it out alone" thing when it comes to illness is not a good thing for our stubborn son...he is just like his mother that way. Sigh.....

Well.......guess I will post again about mom after I hear from Dad tomorrow about the next set of test results.

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