Friday, December 2, 2016

Mom's Hanging In

Dad called me early this morning to say mom spent the night in emergency having blood work and other standard tests. This morning she was admitted to an excellent cardiac unit and is finally getting some sleep. Dad and I are guessing she will be having an angiogram scheduled. It may have been a mild heart attack or else  a stern warning of blocked arteries. All I care about right now is that she didn't die and that Dad managed to get home safely at 2am by taxi to try to rest a bit in his own bed.
Today I am staying home close to the phone until I know more. I am grateful for dad's ability to put on an act that everything is fine. He isn't fooling anyone, but it keeps him going. Also, he has been through so many heart attacks and tests and surgeries himself that he can calm his own fears by instructing mom on the step by step procedures she may have.

My husband is not really any better today, but is no worse. Guess he has reached the plateau stage and may not improve much for another day or two. His cold is copying the one I had, right down to the same number of days of experiencing each symptom. He is missing an entire week of crucial meetings at work and he is not succeeding at keeping the worry of how he will catch up at bay. Sigh....I confess that I am also concerned because getting behind on anything this close to year end financials is a real disaster. Well, that is how life goes sometimes. We need to trust God for this too.

Guess I will get dressed now and start my day properly. I am grateful for the five consecutive hours of sleep I got overnight. One nice thing about realizing there is nothing I can do for mom in the middle of the night, from nine hours away, is it makes it easier to put my fears in God's hands and relax long enough to get some actual sleep.

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