Friday, December 2, 2016

Mom's Heart..... apparently quite enlarged.  Her dad had the same condition but no one ever told Mom about her own.  It is rather like me not finding out I have life long a congenital heart murmur until I was in my late 40's.  How do these things never get mentioned to the patient???  

She will be scheduled for an angiogram, likely tomorrow. The heart specialist told her that it will help them decide on 2 main options for her: either an angioplasty to insert a stent or else open heart surgery.  That sounds very serious to me...very much more serious than dad and I suspected.  Anyway, she has all ready told the doctor at her age she is not going to have the surgery as it is so dangerous.  He told her it may be possible to control her problems with medication instead of open heart surgery but is hoping the angioplasty is all she is going to need. Guess the angiogram will reveal the depth of the problems.

Dad and I are flummoxed by all this.  She went to the doctor some time ago because I told her that during our last 2 visits together I thought the skin around her chin and neck had a bluish cast I was suspicious of, but nothing was found, apparently, as a result of that appointment.  I was accused, kindly mind you, of being a "crepe hanger" for worrying her.  Sigh.......  It isn't always possible to discover serious conditions right away, or very easily, but a bluish cast to the skin around the face or in the extremities nearly always indicates possible heart related problems.  Well, I tried.......

All I can do is pray for her health and also for Dad as he tries to get some sleep today.  The home care worker should be with him right about now for his regular Friday shower and then he plans to go straight to bed.  How I pray he can sleep all day.  He needs it desperately.  

I pray Mom can just relax.  There is no suggestion as yet of me heading out there and knowing my parents they would rather deal with it on their own.  Our  family is just like that: more stressed by having extra helpers, even if it is immediate family, than by just muscling through on our own.  I get it.  I am like that as well.  My son is like that too. Extra people around stresses us when we are ill.  I remember as a child with so many childhood illnesses, refusing to allow my parents to even enter my bedroom when I was ill, unless it was an emergency.  All I wanted was a glass of water and some crackers on my bedside table, a portapotty of some kind and warm bedding and pajamas.  Other than that I didn't want to see them until I was well enough to stand up and get to the bathroom and kitchen by myself.  Where does that sort of attitude come from??  I am still like that.

I am going to do some laundry to get my mind off the worry about mom.  Housework is a great "calmer downer"!!

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