Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Computer is Almost Ready For Use and Other Good Things

I am stuck with the iPad for posts and emails for another day or two while my husband figures out why the security programme on my new computer doesn't want to load past 88%.  Thankfully we do have the iPad, generous gift from our previous  parish. Thank you for those amazing folk, Lord! Everything else transferred easily from old machine to new, so this is the only glitch. It will all work out. Soon......

The sun is shining like crazy. The warmth after two weeks of deep freeze is for basking in! I have invented every possible excuse to be out of doors before it gets cold again! Yesterday my husband and I ran a few errands like picking up the rest of the Christmas dinner groceries and scouting out a few new places to take our son for entertainment he can enjoy while he is here.  A few minutes ago I returned from the thrift store after depositing some items in their donation bin. I could have waited until tomorrow to go there, as there are other errands that must be done then, but it was an excuse to go out and add another layer of muddy slush to our filthy vehicle. No point in washing the car until the next cold day or it will be a waste of time and money.

This morning my neighbour and I were out shovelling. I got very bold and asked him if he and his family are planning to stay here for another year, because if not we likely would not renew our lease in a couple of months when it expires. He assured me they have a three year saving plan for a down payment on a house and felt quite free to tell me they are not moving for some time. He asked me when our lease is due, then announced he works for our property management company and is charge of offering rent reductions for lease holders....I knew he was an employee, but did not know the details of his position. He told me he was going to ask for double the offered reduction because he wants to keep us next door. He called me after lunch and told me he had indeed done that and will have the paperwork to me tomorrow. I happen to know that new tenants in our places have all ready been paying for almost the past year the same monthly amount we will soon be paying, so it isn't like we are getting special treatment, but I so appreciate that longer term tenants like ourselves will now benefit from rent reduction too. What a crazy economy eh? We arrived in Regina just as the oil boom was ending and rents were still ridiculously high. Now businesses are failing from the ensuing 'bust" and our rent has been reduced two years in a row. Merry Christmas to us!

Yesterday my husband took me to Vintage English Tea Room for lunch. Oooooh Lordy...we had a tasty meal. I took one look at the menu, realized there was not one thing on it I could safely eat, as a diabetic, made a split second decision to have my annual Christmas meal blowout a few days early and ate carbs to my heart's content!!! No regrets! My meal consisted of a small bowl of potato leek soup. It was packed to the brim with quartered, small potatoes, soft but still holding their shape and crammed into a thick, creamy leek sauce. I did only eat about 1/3 of it because I knew how many more carbs were my dear, dear husband deliberately ordered a lighter meal so he would be able to eat some of my carbs for me. What a sweetie. Next was the chicken pot pie, loaded with chicken and veggies.....ooooh, so delicious with a thin, greasy, salty crust the like of which I have not fallen into temptation with in three years of diabetes! Ooooooh it was so yummy. I ate the whole thing while my husband munched on his half ham sandwich, finished my soup and chuckled at my delight. And then I ate an entire helping of sticky toffee pudding....yes I did. My husband was too busy inhaling his own to help me eat mine and I was rather glad if it, if I am being totally honest. The portion was twice the size I was expecting, but by then my meal was so over the top in the worst carbs I could ever eat, it didn't matter any more. The damage was done...delicious, delectable, delightful damage. At the cash register as we were paying for our meal, I noticed a tray filled with half dozen portions of Welsh tea cakes. Our whole family loves them and I all ready knew from the first visit my husband made to Vintage they are as good as my mom's, so I bought a couple of bags for our son for Christmas. I bought one for my husband. I bought one for me. By bedtime my husband and I had eaten all six of our tea cakes. haha My son's are in the freezer until he arrives.

Whatever my blood sugar count was by bedtime last night.....well....I had the best sleep I have had in a month, I felt fantastic all afternoon and feel great today. Hopefully the two hours I spent on my feet shopping after my fabulous lunch helped my blood sugar and I am now, I admit, terrified to eat like that again for a very long time so that is good! haha

Today has been spent doing active house chores. Tomorrow more errands, then before you know it Christmas will be here! Yay!

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