Saturday, December 24, 2016

O For Pity's Sake!!!

I felt "odd" all day yesterday. Couldn't describe what I felt, just like something was a bit off kilter. This morning I woke up with the beginnings of bronchitis. Our first attempt at a Christmas celebration with my husband's family back in November was cancelled because of his cold and now the long awaited week with our son is under threat because of my own respiratory ailment. say we are disappointed is putting it mildly!

So, I will call the pharmacy as soon as it opens to see if Saskatchewan pharmacists are permitted to give out meds or if I am going to have to join the throngs waiting at the area walk in clinic at noon. Their recorded message claims they are open noon to 4pm as always, so I do hope that is correct. I can't let this take hold or I will be in big trouble for the trips west in early January.

I am so very sick of being sick! (and yes sticklers for proper use of English words, I do know I meant that 'I am tired of being ill', but I am also too crabby right now to want to be corrected, so bear with me, okay?)

On the Good News front, my husband is feeling considerably better today! Yay! Thank you for praying for him!

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