Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One Missed Social Event Down, One To Go....

The men in the household had a grand evening yesterday. My husband apparently preached an excellent sermon at the Feast of St. Stephen service before he and our son raced home to pick up the salad and pot of boiled potatoes I prepared for the salmon roast afterward. They had a good visit with their hosts and other dinner guests and they arrived home with a large piece of delicious salmon for me to eat today.

The entertainment at the dinner consisted of various poems said, one in particular I would have loved to hear as the reader, who is English, can affect a perfect Irish accent, songs sung and appropriate readings rendered. My husband's contribution was a slide presentation of the three men present from the various canoe trips and church conferences they have attended together over the past five years. Apparently some of the photos brought great hilarity to the evening.

I quite happily stayed home to rest, catch up on a few tv shows I have had recorded for weeks, rejoiced that slowly but very surely I am starting to feel better and tried to convince myself I am not disappointed to have to miss our social engagement in Moose Jaw tonight with good friends. The guys will still go. Our son would never forgive us if he had to miss seeing these people who love him like their own.

Last night I watched the second  big fat Greek wedding movie. It is pretty forgettable, but cute enough and happily lacking in junior high school bathroom humour, so that elevated it in my opinion.  It had a number of very cute moments and I enjoyed seeing a return to the screen of some of the older talented actors you no longer see in the movies, such as Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan. They still have what it takes to carry off broad humour believably. I find Nia Vardalos to be incredibly underrated.

Tonight's fare will consist of an old Barbra Streisand movie I have not seen before: The Mirror Has Two Faces. Not expecting a lot so I may be happily surprised.

So, yet another quiet day at home. At least the son has his own work related projects to keep him busy today before the trip to Moose Jaw. My husband has several thank you notes to email today and the guys have to decide what day to go clothes shopping. It is rather nice having an adult son who enjoys coming to the prairies fir a rest and is no longer young enough to feel antsy if he has to slow down for five minutes. haha The guys have to work in two more brief visits this week, one with our Muslim friends and one with a retired, somewhat eccentric art teacher the guys met at the airport the other night while waiting for my son's luggage to show up on the baggage carousel.  Yup, only my boys would not only meet these characters but arrange a get together. hahaha. Love it!

Well, better get some serious mid morning resting in before another day of reading forgettable novels, playing inane video games and the energy consuming task of pulling leftovers out of the refrigerator to be reheated....yup, it's a tough life. teehee. Just so grateful that better health at last seems to be on the horizon.

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