Monday, December 5, 2016

Our First Blizzard Has Begun

We've been under a heavy snowfall and wind warning since early this morning but now, just before 3pm, it is finally arriving.  At the moment we are expecting anywhere between 15 and 30cm by the morning.  The temperatures forecast last week for today are proving to be correct.  The temperature has dropped from a high of 0 yesterday to about -7C or so today, with the overnight heading to -16C tonight and then down close to -25C to -30C by the weekend.  Yup, it is indeed winter!!

My husband's phelgmy throat and cough are definitely much better today but he has the same lack of energy and mental alertness that plagued me as well with this crazy virus.  He is doing a few short work emails at home today in between naps and tv sports but decided we don't really need to go out to get RO water this afternoon.  I can always go for it in a day or two once the streets are cleared of any heavy snowfall.  When he doesn't want to leave the house I know he is still not very well.  Tomorrow he will put in a half day at the office with the Bishop and the Chief Financial Officer as they all try desperately to get caught up on the year end work they were supposed to be doing last week when my husband was too ill to get out of bed.  How many hours he works Wednesday and Thursday will depend on how tomorrow goes.  Friday he has to take time out of the office again, but this time to attend the funeral of our beloved parishioner whose stroke on Friday took her life last night.  So grateful he was able to get to the hospital yesterday to pray for her and to comfort the family.  A long time minister friend of theirs will do the funeral service, so that is one less committment for my  exhausted husband.  We both feel very sad to lose this dear lady, so devoted to the church.  Her absence is going to leave a huge hole in our congregation.

No word yet from Dad on how Mom is faring with today's tests.  Based on her past medical history I can't help but wonder if the problem is actually related to some chronic stomach problems and exacerbated by her panic attacks.  Obviously no one is going to listen to my idea as I am not in any way a medical person, but I can't help wondering now that nothing seems to be showing up that has been confirmed to be related to her heart and arteries.

I am going to go and do the lunch 3pm!  Everything around here is happening later than usual. I slept in until 9am and my husband didn't awaken until nearly 10am. By the time I got to the grocery store it was well after 10am and most of the basics were sold out all ready to shoppers who learned of the blizzard threat a few hours before I did.  Fortunately I was able to get everything I needed except our favourite breads, so some pitas will end up with breakfast toppings on them at some point if I still can't get bread after our meagre supply runs out.

As I wash dishes I will be able to see the snow blowing by. It isn't too thick and heavy yet but the wind is picking up again. I am so grateful my husband has no highway drives to manage until the weekend.  Thank you Lord!!!

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