Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Overcoming Life's Little Traumas

Before I get back to some badly needed housecleaning around here, I am taking 5 minutes to sit down and put my emotions back together....not because anything terrible has happened to shake me up, just that I finally made my first foray of the winter onto the ice and into the blowing snow without panicking about falling down!!  I am SO delighted and happy to have overcome that fear today.

This morning I knew I needed to run some errands as well as get some cleaning done in the suite.  I have been hibernating in here since Sunday afternoon after choir practise, other than my brief pre-storm grocery run Monday morning, in order to avoid going outside on the icy streets and sidewalks.  I have had many valid excuses to stay indoors: blowing snow, bitter cold and an icy sheet all over most of the roads and parking lots.  This morning I started cleaning the upstairs of the suite, got as far as completing the bathroom, which I have to say has never been this well scrubbed down EVER.  Why did I do such an exhaustive cleaning of our teensy bathroom? It is because I was attempting to waste the entire day dibbling about in here over simple tasks until it was too late to get to the post office and grocery store!!

I am still fighting a few visions of falling down and breaking more bones outside in the parking lot.  While I am doing far better than I have been since I broke my hip out there in that very lot, the past 2 days have been rather torturous once again.  

As I was eating my lunch I started thinking about Mom and her fearlessness in the face of possibly dying last week.  My 89 year old mother was quite prepared to face the most dire finality of human existance and here I was mewling over the fact that I really should go out to my nice warm car and drive a few short blocks to do some quick errands.  What a sap!!  I told myself it is time to get over this nonsense and get a move on into the great winter outdoors.  The high this afternoon is going to be as warm as we get all week at -13C with a windchill of -22C, so why wait for an even colder day later in the week?

I drove to the grocery store and deliberately parked farther away from the entrance than I needed to so that I would be forced to cross a fairly broad expanse of ice. Once inside I deliberately chose a smaller shopping cart that would have to be returned to the inside of the store as the outside collection area only takes the large ones.  So, that entailed 3 trips across the ice patch.  Placing each foot deliberately with every step and taking my sweet time I survived very well with nary a slip!  I parked similarly when I went to the post office and the lot there is even icier!  All was well.  Of course it was!  Why did I fall down twice over the past 4 years and shatter bones?  It is because I was not being cautious, was flirting with falling due to my own rushing about when it wasn't necessary!  If I can retain the lessons learned about being slow and deliberate instead of trying to move at top speed at all times, I should do far less falling down, even in winter.

 So now I am finally feeling more confident and can tackle the rest of the housework scheduled for this afternoon, knowing I am doing it because I want to do what needs to be done and not just as an excuse to avoid going outside.  It feels quite good to have conquered winter's first outdoor trek.

I am also learning not to pooh-pooh the windchill factor outside.  Usually I can ignore it and convince myself that the actual air temperature is what I can feel on my skin, but today, despite the high of +13C, it is ruddy bitter out there. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!  

I think my husband and I are going to have to become beach bums in our retirement years.   We are not going to be able to afford to live anywhere in Canada that is remotely reasonable for year round warmth and sunshine, so I think we are going to have to come up with a creative solution fairly soon.  We have friends who have as many financial disasters in their past as we do and so, in consideration of their present financial situation, they have just moved permanently to Ecuador. They are after us to consider doing something similar and we are seriously going to look into it as we get a bit closer to the time.  Wow....South America as a retirement locale...wouldn't that be absolutely incredible????  Son, you can have NYC if you get that visa through, but your dad and I want to live somewhere WARM and sunny!  I am thinking we need to start learing Spanish and Portugese....just in case....hey, you  never know, right?  We have done lots of other crazy things in our married life. Why not a South American retirement?

The adventure continues....yippppppeeeeee!!! And just when I thought it was too late to dream.......nyah hah hah!!!!

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