Saturday, December 24, 2016

Please No Phone Calls on Christmas Day, Unless.... are my parents or my husband's sister.

We hate to come across like Dr. Seuss' Grinch, but we seriously are not up for chatting on Christmas Day this year. Our son's flight, even if it is on time leaving Vancouver tonight, does not arrive here until 1am. It will be at least 2am before we are asleep. All 3 of us are getting over bad colds and my husband in particular does not wish to be awakened for chit chat as he has been the last three or four Christmas Days.

We don't know when things changed, but we both remember growing up in an era where people did not need to be reminded that families were to be left to their own devices on December 25. As much as we love talking to our friends, we would prefer it if we could all wait until at least Boxing Day this year. This year it is a health issue.

Thank you so much for understanding. We feel mean posting this, but are trusting you all to forgive us and grasp our reasoning. We can 't shut off the phones because part of my husband's job is to be the one available for diocesan emergencies this weekend to give the Bishop a break.

Thank you, bless you, enjoy your Christmas. I suspect we will enjoy sleeping more than anything else. Snooooooorrrre........

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