Thursday, December 1, 2016

Poor Sick Baby!

Something I have always appreciated about my husband is that he is not one of the stereotypical "male whiners" when he is ill.  He is battling the same or similar virus that I had a month ago and I can tell without him saying a word how lousy he feels.  Like my own bout with it, he has a day where he definitely thinks he is getting over it, like yesterday, but then has another day or two of feeling worse than ever, like today.  His sister and brother in law were indeed very wise to cancel their visit here this coming weekend. is so disappointing and sometimes the wise decision really feels crappy!  Well, we will have them here later in the winter after a long time of good health for all of us...she says in faith!

My husband cannot rest as he starts worrying about how much work he is missing as soon as he lays down for daytime naps.  His phone at work is connected with his work cell, so he has fielded a few calls from home and has taken care of the more immediate disasters relayed by email to his work account.  In between his bit of work from home he has been "playing" with our elderly computers to keep himself from going stir in spending HOURS on the project, learning, attempting, failing, trying again, succeeding in part, trying again, succeeding completely with my old machine to the detriment of his own home CP as he traded the hard drives around.  I am loving the improvement in speed with mine, but may have to give that drive back to him if he can't find more RAM for his to get it back up to speed.  There is a problem with my old video card too, but it isn't worth spending more money on either of these old machines. If we can keep them working until after the end of January then it will be time to purchase more modern CP's for each of us.

I, personally, am quite content to spend times of illness laying about in bed or on the sofa, falling asleep over a novel or dozing off in front of the tv.  Not so my husband!  He has to be moving, thinking, learning every waking minute.  It took me many years to understand that frenzies of mild activity, such as he has done with our computers this week, is as relaxed and still as he ever gets.  haha  It will keep his mind clear and active for decades to come! 

Just talked to some friends on the Island.  Over the past 5 days each of them has also come down with this same sort of's everywhere!

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