Sunday, December 18, 2016

Post Concert

What a fun evening we had singing tonight. Our concert was sold out, we pulled off another evening of songs and chocolate fondue for our guests with pretty good success. Our director pulled as much good sound as it is possible to get from our ragtag group, the musicians and dancers outdid themselves and our director should be pleased at the amazing job she did in her very first term of directing a choir. My husband even had fun and amateur concerts are definitely not his thing.

I will sleep well tonight knowing we pulled it off.

Tomorrow morning I am going to put together a decent lunch for a young fellow who is coming over to share his missionary adventures of the past two years in Turkey and then in India. What fun to see him again after all this time.

Tomorrow my husband wants to install my new computer! Yay!

Tuesday is a shopping day with my husband and we may go to the British tea room for lunch. Their Welch teacakes are almost as good as my mother's, but hers have more yummy currents.

Looks like a good week of activities and even better weather.

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