Saturday, December 10, 2016

Quite the Lookin' Sight!

Hahahahaha...I just caught sight of myself in the full length bedroom mirror.  O my, what a sorry sight to see!

After my shower this morning I didn't bother to dry my hair, just towelled it off as well as I could and combed it back off my forehead and behind my ears.  No point applying more heat to damage it when obviously I will not be leaving the suite for a couple of days, right?  For an "outfit", since my Mark's Comfy Robe is in the dryer at the moment, I am wearing my Tanzanian red and mustard coloured housedress with longer sleeves over top of a Canadian made, sleeveless, grey and white summer ankle length knit polyester sundress because layers are a good idea in this draughty place of residence.  On my feet I am wearing white Japanese tabi socks and lime green tatami flip flops.

Aiiiii yiiiii....I look like a homeless person who has no idea which country she recently immigrated from....hahahahaha.  Thank goodness no one is coming over today! Thank goodness my husband is at work.  By the time he stopped pointing a finger at me and laughing hysterically he would be lying flat on his back from exhaustion!  hahaha  

WOW....nothing like dressing on the outside in such a way as to perfectly depict how I am feeling inside with this viral infection. hahaha  Same mishmash of ugly confusion and unease inside and out!!  hahahaha

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