Monday, December 12, 2016

Rejoicing in the Midst: #1496......

Today is Crux Day again with this respiratory THING I have been struggling with. I started coughing a week ago today, gradually getting worse until about 2pm Saturday when the internal "switch" flipped and I realized I would start to recover. This morning I have no residual nausea and my head is clearing. My sinuses are dry but not sore and my cough has settled down considerably. I am less weak and less tired, but today is the day that happens just before the strength returns sufficiently to leave home for anything. It is the antsy, "Why couldn't I feel just a teensy bit better and stronger today?" day. If I discipline myself to remain restful indoors today and tomorrow I should be able to bus downtown for my hair appointment on Wednesday morning! Yay!

My husband has pretty well lost his day off today, but a computer emergency arose in the office last Friday that crashed the whole system. Today is the day the volunteer tech and the creators of the system are available to get things running again. If it didn't happen today, office closure day, no one else would be able to do any work tomorrow when they return. My husband is responsible for making sure all things technical are working, so to work he went. Actually I think it helps him be less upset that he missed an entire week due to illness two weeks ago.

The bitter cold continues across Canada. I had a good chuckle this morning about prairie living: you know you live on the prairies in winter when you find yourself standing by the back door using your hair dryer to blow hot air into the fleece lined snow boots your husband accidentally left overnight in the freezing cold car, forgetting he would need to wear them to walk to work this morning.  Yup, that is prairie winter living! -32C is not the right temperature to be out wandering in boots that start off cold inside.

Blow dryers are the handiest invention ever! They can not only dry hair and warm the insides of boot liners, they do an ace job of warming car engines seized up by freezing temperatures, gently thawing frozen water lines, melting ice that has caused car and house doors to freeze shut, getting those last remnants of old caulking squeezed out of the tube when you only need that little leftover, dried up bit for a tiny job and are too cheap to fork out cash for a new tube, scare persistent cats off the back porch, blow wood shavings and sanded paint particles away in the absence of an air compressor, force socks and underpants out from under the immovable clothes dryer in the laundry room, melting over cooked, hardened icing so it runs artistically diet the sides of cakes you thought would look tastier than they did before the artistic icing drizzles, blow cobwebs from rafters that are too high to reach with a duster (if you duct tape the dryer to a hockey stick and use an extension cord, there are few places out of reach!); oooooh, so many other persnickety little tasks. Love, love, love the blow dryer, yes I do!

News came last night of an event that will soon release our beleaguered church congregation from an oppression that has nearly done them in of late. It is a direct answer to some rather intense times of prayer. Thank you Lord with every last whit of our gratitude.

Despite the continuing intense cold, the sun is shining today and that alone makes the world appear to  be a happy place. I have a pantry filled with good food, enough energy to cook some of it today and a working washer and dryer are allowing me to do more laundry.  This weekend I washed, dried and ironed my own clothes, today I will do the same for my husband's over flowing hamper.

Even though it is daylight, I have the Christmas tree lights on for added good cheer. Hopefully sinus and lung issues will soon be taken care of and I will be able to get on with life. Still hoping and praying I will be able to sing in our choir concerts this weekend.

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