Tuesday, December 6, 2016

She's Home....Hallelujah!

Mom just called me to let me know she is home.  Poor Dad...she was supposed to be released at noon but didn't get her final paper work until nearly 5pm.  My father had to sit up and stay awake for nearly 6 hours, since he arrived at the hospital at 11am.  He will be in far worse shape tomorrow than she will be, I am guessing.

Mom has a raft of medications for her stomach and charts and pamphlets to tell her what each one is for and when to take it.  She is pleased to have such a comprehensive guide for the meds.  So, the idea is that if one medication in particular does not work over the next couple of weeks to tame her acid reflux then she is to see her GP to get a referral to a specialist.  

We have all decided to focus on the fact that her enlarged heart is causing no problems and that she did not have a heart attack at all.  Huge "WHEW" and "Thank you Jesus!!"

We will cross whatever the next bridge is in regard to her digestive issues when we come to it.  For now I just pray both she and Dad are able to sleep tonight.  She said Dad is falling apart at the seams now that she is home, is like a flea in a fit and can't sit still.  The stress he tried so hard to control while she was gone is overtaking him now that the immediate danger has passed.  

O Lord, it is so hard to get old and decrepit....it comes to most of us eventually.  Heaven seems so much more real when the physical body starts to fail and it give us hope for the future that we couldn't have otherwise.

Mom wants me to blog her appreciation and thanks for your prayers.  She is so touched by the level of concern shown to her by so many people she has never even met.  What a great spiritual family we have.

Thank you from her and also from Dad and me.

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