Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Slowy the Brain Fog is Lifting!

This morning I woke up conscious of the fact that my meds really are working.  While I am aware that the slight fuzzy feeling I have been experiencing is just the medication masking how much more infection I still have to get over, there has been a marked improvement in the past 24 hours.  My throat is still froggy and my sinuses are still somewhat clogged, but that heavy chested feeling is completely gone and my nose has quit dripping almost completely. YAY!!!  I am turning the corner.  

To mark the occasion my son and I are going out to the Lancaster Pub for a quick dinner tonight. I have not left the suite in 4 days and am slowly going crazy sitting around in here.  The pub is a short drive away, the weather has warmed up substantially, it isn't windy and it is a good time to try a bit of a break out of this place for some good non-turkey food!  Love the leftovers but there is a limit even for me! 

The guys had such a great time at our Moose Jaw friends' they didn't get home until nearly 1am today. hahahaha  They called at 11:30pm to let me know they would soon be on the snow and ice free highway home, so I got to use the speaker phone to have a good conversation with the whole gang.  Such fun!!  The hostess sent me home a huge bar of Rose Bath Soap that I love!!  I have a bar of Indian floral soap I SHOULD use up first, but that Rose Soap is so very tempting....hmmmm....I have a half hour before I have my morning shower to decide what to use first.  haha  Decisions, decisions...o that all of life's decisions should be so small and unimportant, eh?

Our son is getting ready to head up the street a few blocks to an internet cafe and complete his final draft for the curriculum he has to submit to SFU before year end.  His first teaching gig there last year was quite a learning experience as his faculty advisor was so ill and so absent he was left completely on his own to put together a curriculum that hopefully lined up to the two or three sentence list of expectations in the student course outline.  Apparently he did very well since he was asked back this term.  Teaching the course is taking 4 months off his 3 year US visa time, but it also gives him that 4 months to be prepared with some paying work there when he arrives in the spring.

The sun is shining today along with the warming temperatures, so what is more encouraging than that?  My mood is lifting along with the clouds.  I am so grateful our pubs are non-smoking so that people with lung problems like I have are free to enjoy the food and drink there.  There are a lot of us it turns am not the only party pooper in town any more.  YAY!

My husband is enjoying his first day off with no committments since his so called break from work started.  It is actually his only day completely free this entire week.  Tomorrow morning he has to go into work to do his part with the CFO to complete the year end financials and in the afternoon he and the son are meeting up with the retired art teacher they met at the airport.  Friday is the shopping trip and possibly a visit with our Muslim friends in the evening.

Then the boy will be gone again.  Sigh...........saying goodbye will be more difficult this time. Other than a brief visit in Calgary for a day to celebrate Dad's birthday, we don't know when we will see him again, or where. Wow......the times they are a changin'.

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