Saturday, December 10, 2016

So Much For My Happy Clappy Musical Weekend "Retreat"!

So, that's life.....

My many hours away from home this weekend, rehearsing, singing, being in and at concerts....all over before I even got started!  Drat!!

Last Monday evening I developed a dry asthmatic cough that stayed with me all week.  By the time I was finished singing the hymns at yesterday's funeral I was not only dry coughing, I was wet coughing and wheezing.  My asthma has not been this bad in about 15 years...not since we left the smokers haven that was our last rental accommodation in Calgary, post Japan foray.

I was coughing so much during the night last night that, for the 3rd night in a row I barely slept.  So now of course, as this morning has progressed, some opportunistic virus seems to be taking over where the asthma is leaving off.  My symptoms have changed considerably over the last 2 hours and speak of a total recurrence of the cold I had previously, the cold my husband has just reached the end of in terms of symptoms other than ongoing exhaustion. How I hope and pray we are not going to pass this virus back and forth between us like a ping pong ball all winter!!

I don't feel particularly sorry for myself.  Winter, asthma, colds etc. go together well and this year it is finally my turn after escaping the worst of both the bad winters and the accompanying illnesses for several years in a row.

Certainly though I am very disappointed.  I am going to go to the doctor on Monday if these symptoms are not under control and lessening.  I know that to try to go out in the -36C windchill this morning to stand around in a line up at a walk in clinic for as long as 2 hours is not a great idea.  From past experience I know my symptoms are going to have to be substantially worse than they are now before a doctor I don't usually deal with will give me anything to clear up the symptoms caused by the virus.  As the asthmatic symptoms are giving way to the next viral attack I will watch my progress closely.  My husband will be home on Monday so that we can go together to the clinic and I will be relieved of having to be the person outside alone in the bitter cold, scraping the car windshield and sitting on a cold car seat until the heat begins to percolate for my 5 block drive to the clinic.  Yes, walking that distance does make more sense than driving, even in this weather and it isn't like I don't have the winter wear for it, but it isn't a good plan for my lungs.  It is exhausting enough walking even that short distance in this cold when I am healthy, without adding to the tired feelings by wandering about right now in the frosty air.

I am praying a LOT though that I will be able to sing in our community choir concert next weekend...not that I am all that important to the group, but we are low in our number of altos and every one of us needs to be there to carry our part.  Plus, I just darned well enjoy it!!

Here's to some fairly quick healing!  Off to get some more hot cranberry and lemon between doing a few loads of laundry.  That much work I can certainly handle....I think...hahaha.

Blecch!!!  Okay, maybe not so much with the laundry. I do feel wretched.....sigh...

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