Friday, December 2, 2016

Thank You Air Canada! Thank You Canada Post!

Canada Post surely did make good on its mailing promises this week.  Besides Mom's and Dad's Christmas box being delivered on the day promised, I just checked the tracking number on a parcel that was to arrive in Alberta today and saw that it was indeed delivered to the community parcel box right on time.  Thank you Canada Post!

AND a huge THANK YOU to Air Canada as well!  My husband was in a frenzy the other night booking January flights for us all over western Canada and made a glaring boo boo on the last booking.  He was paging back and forth for online bookings between 2 different airline companies, one that posts their flight times using am/pm and Air Canada which uses a 24 hour clock.  Somehow, in his cold induced stupor, he got the 2 airlines mixed up and, short version, ended up booking us to fly out of one city the morning of the day we have committments there in the afternoon!  Oops!!  

Fortunately he was able to also cancel the flight online and did that less than an hour after the booking had been confirmed.  We immediately received an email notice of cancellation from Air Canada and a couple of days later received the confirmation that we would receive a full refund for having cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.  How do you spell relief?  I spell it R-E-F-U-N-D!!!

I expect the charge will come on one credit card bill and the refund on the next one, or even the one after that, and we will end up paying for the flight to save on credit card interest, then getting a credit in that amount whenever the airline sends in the cancellation refund.  So, not a perfect solution to our mistake, BUT you never know when a credit that size is going to come in handy later on.  Simply changing the original flight added more than two hundred dollars to the total cost, so it was far less expensive to cancel and rebook at the correct time.  

For me, the point is that we were given the full refund and have confirmation that it is coming.  Perhaps in an odd way, it will end up being like a small savings account in case we have to book another flight using that credit which we aren't expecting to need to book at the moment.  Our son's US visa application results should arrive in February and if he is accepted we may need to take a few days to fly to Vancouver before he makes his arrangements to head south.  If we got our credit by March we could use it to take advantage of the less expensive flights and hotels before the winter rates end! 

Thinking/plotting all the time, that is me! hohoho!

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