Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thank You God For a Warming Trend, No Matter How Temporary It May Turn Out To Be!!

So....we may not be experiencing quite the dramatic warming trend of an Alberta chinook, BUT we are having a terrific warm up this afternoon and without the strong chinook winds!

When we got up this morning it was -31C with a windchill of -42C, the most difficult cold weather start our poor vehicle has seen thus far, as I forced it to get moving and dropped my husband off at the office on my way to church.  Brrrrrrr......  A small skiff of snow, about the time church was ending, was the first signal of the warming trend that made itself known in our weather reports last evening.

At the moment, at nearly 3pm, it is -10C outside!!  It is like summer in comparison to this morning's deep freeze!  The plastic siding on the outside of our building is crackling as it buckles in the warmth, even more so than it has been cracking and banging in the bitter cold on previous days. I just stepped outside for a moment to feel the change in temperature and I almost didn't want to step back inside, the difference is so noticeable.  

WOW, this is a great way to get feeling prepared to sing in our choir concert this evening.  Hopefully all the members will not be so elated that they will refuse to settle down and behave themselves when they are singing.  Adult choirs and unnecessary chit chatting instead of paying attention and obeying the director's instructions seem to go hand in hand everywhere for some reason. hahaha 

As I am writing this the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds and that is adding to the feelings of cheeriness.  Thank you God for a break from the cold for a few days.  Bless you, praise you and thank you again for this extra special treat!!

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